Whan: LPGA asked Augusta to host women's event

Whan: LPGA asked Augusta to host women’s event

Keep your membership policy, but host an LPGA event at your course.
That appears to be LPGA commissioner Mike Whan's stance on the controversial, men-only membership policy at Augusta National, according to a recent interview with Forbes, in which Whan said he asks the club every year to host an LPGA event.

Forbes: Should Augusta National admit female members? Whan: As the commissioner of the LPGA, I think Augusta should have a women’s tournament. I don’t care if they have female members. Forbes: Really? Whan: Well, at the end of the day I would have a difficult time explaining to my kids why dad was a member of all men’s club. [Whan is not a member at Augusta.] And I really doubt by the time my kids are my age this will even be a topic. They’ll have female members by then. It’s a private club they can do what they want. It’s worth noting that Augusta National is an incredible supporter of some of our initiatives. They write us a six-figure check every year for Girls Golf, which helps gets girls into the sport. I don’t think it’s a guilt check. Maybe it is. What’s frustrating is that the best players now on our tour can’t play there. I ask every year.

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