Matt Kuchar suggests 40-second shot clock at tournaments

Matt Kuchar suggests 40-second shot clock at tournaments

Players champion Matt Kuchar got an up-close look at the PGA Tour's slow-play problem when he was paired with endless waggler Kevin Na on Sunday, and now he's got a solution: a 40-second clock.

MATT KUCHAR: It might be interesting to have a tournament with a shot clock. I think I read an article where there was a throw in an event where there is a full on shot clock on everybody on every shot. You would hope it wouldn't be a hard course. (Chuckles.) On a hard course you're going to find yourself in scenarios, I think in a couple of places, Charlotte, Memorial, the Master's, greens are fast, you have challenging shots. Three footers, it's easy to tap in. In certain places if you have three footers, and you miss, it's seven foot coming back. I would be interested to see a shot clock thrown out there. Q. What would be a reasonable time? MATT KUCHAR: Just the rules of golf, 40 seconds.

Always the nice guy, Kuchar said that Na's slow play didn't affect him, but he did watch Na's painful starts and stops instead of looking away as some advised.
"It did not have any affect on me," Kuchar said. "I watched Kevin, some people told me not to watch him, to turn my back to him, but I think even if I decided to turn my back I would still hear him [laughs]."

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