Truth & Rumors: Breaking down Bubba's social media technique

Truth & Rumors: Breaking down Bubba’s social media technique

Newly minted Masters champ Bubba Watson is a lot of things — fantastic golfer, new father, proud owner of one of the most renowned redneck cars in history, and savvy social media manipulator. In fact, Bubba is so adept at social media that a recent story on CNET actually breaks down his techniques and lists five key lessons anyone can take from the new Maters champion: 
1. Success in real life translates into success in social media. After Bubba won the Masters and did his tour of various media outlets he gained around 70,000 additional followers. Becuase of the way he carries himself, as well as the success he's had recently, he's become that much more interesting to people who use social media.
2. Practice makes perfect. Just like the game of golf, success in social media takes work. Since September of 2009, Bubba has posted nearly 40,000 tweets.
3. Connect with your followers often. Bubba doesn't just tweet his own thoughts, he also reads and responds in kind as much as possible. If you look at his tweets you'll see alot of him simply saying "thanks," to his followers. It might not be much, but it indicates that he cares and is listening. 
4. Be on more than one network. Yes, Bubba kills it on Twitter, but he also has his tweets published on his own website, maintains a Facebook page, and has his own YouTube account with more than 50 videos available. 
5. Be yourself. Bubba routinely tweets about his personal life, his family, and his interest in religion. Regardless of whether or not you think people like or agree with your interests, phoniness is pretty easy to detect. 

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