Rumors: Bubbamania takes over New York City

Rumors: Bubbamania takes over New York City

Bubba Watson's post-Masters media blitz continues, and on Wednesday the first of a two-part interview with Charlie Rose became available online. Highlight: Rose chatted with Bubba about his approach to the game, to which Watson responded, "I just hit, go find it and hit it again.” Watch Part 1 of the interview here. Part 2 is scheduled to run Thursday night. Limbaugh Talks Tiger From an infamous club kick to a T40 finish, it's fair to say Tiger Woods didn't have a very good week in Augusta. Now Rush Limbaugh has chimed in with his own psychoanalysis of the former No. 1. USA Today's Gary Mihoces has more.

"He wasn't the best father. He wasn't the best husband. He was the best golfer for a while, but it was all a manufactured image. This is the danger of these kind of things."
He said that now Woods "knows wherever he goes that everybody knows this" and that is has become a "mental thing."
"It's gonna take some time for him to overcome (that) … I mean, the cure for Tiger would be to become entirely absent of any self-awareness. If he was totally able to not think about himself, then he'd be able to overcome it. Sure, I think the ability is still in there,'' Limbaugh said.

Limbaugh is also a golfer and feels the sport could have a unique role in, of all places, the prison system.

"Golf is such a mental game. I think they ought to make prisoners play it," he said. "It's so frustrating. It makes you so mad at yourself. It can make you so irritated. It would be the best form of punishment for people behind bars I could think of, to make 'em play the game and actually make 'em care about wanting to be good at at it."

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