Truth & Rumors: President Obama says he doesn't cheat at golf

Truth & Rumors: President Obama says he doesn’t cheat at golf founder Bill Simmons landed some face time with President Obama, and the two had a wide-ranging sports talk that included the president's burgeoning golf game. Turns out the commander in chief counts all of his strokes, which would no doubt delight Golf Magazine's Rules Guy. Here's the golf portion of the transcript.

BS: What about when you’re playing golf? Do you get more four-foot putts given to you than maybe you did before?
Obama: I don’t take them.
BS: You don’t take them?
Obama: I am very proud of the fact I do not cheat when I’m playing golf. Anybody who plays with me, they’ll say I count my strokes. I count my strokes. I don’t — I’m not getting five-foot gimme putts.
BS: I guess you have to play it that way because then people could be, "I played with Obama" —
Obama: And he cheated.
Simmons: Yes, I saw him kick the ball out of the rough or something. [Laughter.]
Obama: Yes, yes.

Kodak's latest development won't include PGA TourDespite the uncertain economy, the PGA Tour has managed to remain on a corporate-sponsorship hot streak — FedEx announced its renewal last week, and this week Honda tacked four years onto its current deal — but one troubled longtime partner is set to pull the plug on the PGA Tour: Kodak. The Wall Street Journal has more:

Eastman Kodak Co.’s bankruptcy has a new casualty: its partnership with the PGA Tour.
Kodak, which recently yanked its name off the Hollywood theater that just hosted the Oscars, on Tuesday filed court papers seeking permission to reject various agreements that “are not necessary” to its reorganization and no longer worth hanging onto.
Among the nine agreements Kodak is seeking to reject, listed in a related filing, is one it entered with the PGA Tour in December 2007 and most recently amended last December.
“We are using the Chapter 11 process to address legacy costs that do not fit our current business needs,” Kodak spokesman Christopher Veronda said Wednesday afternoon in an emailed statement.

Golf Prank Gone Bad Video of the DayThe moral of this story: use ball-retrievers only for the purpose for which they are intended. Here's more from Sarasota's Herald-Tribune, plus the video.

Two 71-year-old men have been arrested and charged with child abuse after they were accused of striking a teenager with metal golf ball retrievers.
Ronald E. Richardson and Donald E. Nieto were arrested after a video of them striking the 15-year-old was shown to law enforcement by the father of the teenager, according to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office arrest reports.
The incident, which took place early Saturday afternoon at Shalimar Pointe Country Club, began after a group of four teenagers blew an air horn at golfers teeing off at the ninth hole, the report stated.


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