Truth & Rumors: Watch Sergio's perfect club throw

Truth & Rumors: Watch Sergio’s perfect club throw

Sergio Garcia capped his strong finish to the 2011 season with an almost flawless toss of his 5-iron into a lake after hitting a poor tee shot on the par-3 eighth hole at the Thailand Golf Championship on Thursday.

In 2008, Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Charlie King demonstrated the “Proper Way to Throw a Golf Club” in the most popular video in history.
Yup, the pros make it look easy. House Speaker Boehner says Golf Summit almost brought Ohio guv to tearsOutside of professional golf, the most famous golf match of the year had to be the Golf Summit, where President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner beat Vice President Joe Biden and Ohio Governor John Kasich. Recounting the match earlier this week, Boehner said Kasich was nervous before the match and became even more so when he learned Boehner would be playing with Obama, according to The Cincinnati Inquirer

“So Kasich gets in town the night before,” Boehner told a roomful of reporters this morning, and he was a nervous wreck. “I spent all night getting Kasich in the right place,” the West Chester Republican recalled.
“Kasich, calm down, calm down,” Boehner recalls telling his friend and political ally. The next morning, as they were getting ready to go out to Andrews Air Force Base, it was the same thing. ‘I said look, ‘they’re going to be far more nervous about this than we are. Just relax… I hear Biden’s been out there hitting balls for an hour’.”
Indeed, when they arrived, Biden was already on the course “pounding balls.” But then Obama switched things up on them. “The president says ‘Hey Boehner, you and I, we’re going to take these two on’,” Boehner said, describing the last-minute team change. “I thought John Kasich was going to cry.”

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