Truth & Rumors: Garcia linked to Welsh woman

Sergio Garcia, who has struggled through much of the last two seasons after his unexpected split with Morgan-Leigh Norman, has officially moved on. The Irish Independent has the deets…

As he showed during Sunday's record-breaking victory on home turf at the Castello Masters, a new air of calm and confidence surrounds Garcia, which is due in no small part to his new girlfriend.
"She's a wonderful girl, we're happy together," he said.
Is she Spanish, we asked?
"No, she's Welsh."
Really? Did you meet at Celtic Manor? Is that why you went to the Ryder Cup?
"No," Sergio laughed gently, "but good try!"

His new gal has been identified by several news sources as Nicole Horrex. Here’s the couple celebrating after Garcia’s 11-shot romp in Spain last week. Sergio Media hounds Ishikawa over girlfriend, Mom says back offSpeaking of love, seems the so-called Bashful Prince, Ryo Ishikawa, has quietly had a girlfriend for three years. Ishikawa, “the object of passion right across the age spectrum,” will introduce “his potential fiancée” at the Presidents Cup in Melbourne next month, according to China Daily. The relationship had been a heavily guarded secret, and Ishikawa’s camp only came clean after a weekly magazine was preparing to publish a story on the romance.

"There exists a woman whom Ryo Ishikawa is going out with," his mother, Yukiko Ishikawa, who is also his manager, said in a statement to local media, asking them to refrain from overheated coverage of the golfer's “private matters.”
"We would appreciate it if the people concerned will treat them with warm patience in order to help the two of them and avoid any trouble to sponsoring companies and competition officials," Yukiko Ishikawa said.
Ishikawa's family, friends and sponsors have been bothered by “news-gathering activities exceeding social norms in the form of making surprise night-time visits and shadowing,” the statement said.

McDowell knew Rory was unhappyGraeme McDowell, Rory McIlroy’s closest friend in golf, said that he has known since August of McIlroy’s dissatisfaction with his now-former management company, Chubby Chandler’s International Sports Management. G-Mac, who is in the field this week at the Andalucia Masters, told the Irish Independent:

"Rory spoke to me a couple of months ago and told me he was a little unhappy with a few things and that he and Chubby had a conversation about his unhappiness and were trying to change things.
"I thought no more of it until I heard changes were maybe in the offing — nothing goes amiss on Tour without the rumour mill getting hold of it. I spoke to Rory on the phone and we talked about what he wanted to do.”

Still, McDowell said that he was “semi-surprised” by McIlroy’s defection to McDowell’s agency, Horizon Sports Management, and that he strongly resented any “any suggestion that I in some way enticed Rory to join Horizon.”

"So I can look Chubby in the eye and know I've done him no wrong. It's business and Rory has made a business decision. There's nothing personal about it."

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