Front9 Special: TIME critic reviews golfers' music videos

Front9 Special: TIME critic reviews golfers’ music videos

By Claire Suddath, TIME Magazine Golf Boys — “Oh Oh Oh”

Golfers Ben Crane, Rickie Fowler, Hunter Mahan and Bubba Watson created this video with the help of Farmers Insurance, which promised to donate $1,000 for every 10,000 YouTube views the video earned. I’m not sure why the insurance company decided to do this—can’t you give away money without making professional athletes dress in funny outfits?—but it’s too late now. Golf Boys’ “Oh Oh Oh” happened and we have to live with it. And the result? It’s actually not that bad.
OK, the song is terrible. And Mahan can’t sing at all. But are you really watching this video for the music? No, you’re watching it for the weird dude in the overalls. (That would be Watson.) I feel good knowing that when I see this video, I’m indirectly giving 10 cents to charity. Grade: B Golf Girls — “Ah Ah Ah”

I was all ready to hate on the so-called Golf Girls for copying Golf Boys’ “Oh Oh Oh” right down to the red wet suit and blue jean overalls, but this video surprised me. I hate to admit it, but Sophie Giquel, Cassandra Kirkland, Sophie Sandolo and Jades Schaffer are kind of amazing. They’re kidding around in this parody video, but they’re doing it with verve. I would definitely be friends with these people. Grade: A Tiffany Joh — “Duramed Song”

Well hello there, '90s female alt-folk music scene. This video features Tiffany Joh singing about the Duramed Futures Tour, which Google tells me is a “developmental” tour for up-and-coming golfers. Another word for “up-and-coming” is, of course, “poor.” Most of Joh’s lyrics revolve around having no money (and apparently no access to shower facilities?) while on tour. I wonder if Joh has ever heard Rilo Kiley’s 1999 song “The Frug.” She’d probably dig it. Grade: C+ LPGA Women — “Da Grip”

There are three things you should ask yourself before you parody a hip-hop song. Do you have a complete lack of street cred? Did you select a one-hit wonder from the mid 90s? Do you own or are you currently wearing golf clothes? If you answer yes to any of these (and you’re not Andy Samberg), you should not make a hip-hop video. Sorry, LPGA golfers. Better luck next time. Grade: D