Truth & Rumors: Rocco "disgusted" with state of Tiger's game

Truth & Rumors: Rocco “disgusted” with state of Tiger’s game

If anyone has seen the best of Tiger Woods, it’s Rocco Mediate. Their showdown at the 2008 U.S. Open was one of the most memorable in the history of the Tour, and, as of right now, stands as the last great moment for Woods. Even though he was on the losing end of that story, Rocco has always been a huge Tiger fan, and according to Ron Kroichick of the San Francisco Chronicle, Mediate sympathizes for the former world No. 1. Oh, and of course he has some thoughts on what Woods is doing wrong.

“I love the way he plays, but I’m disgusted with what’s going on with him because it’s sad for our game,” Mediate said Tuesday from Pittsburgh, where he will play in this week’s Nationwide Tour event. “A lot of guys are happy Tiger isn’t playing well. I’m not.

Rocco also has some advice for Tiger, and it doesn’t reflect well on his former swing coach.

“The physical motion is wrong,” Mediate said. “To get that stress off his body is a piece of cake – the guys working with him just don’t know. Sean knows some stuff, but what’s going on with Tiger is not correct. That’s why he keeps breaking and that’s why the ball keeps going sideways.”

Mediate also took a none-too-subtle swipe at Woods’s current and former swing coaches.

“Starting with Haney until now, it was a complete and absolute destruction,” he said. “If it was me (as Woods’ instructor), I would say to Tiger, ‘Look, dude, I’m not helping you. You’re getting worse. You’ve broken down three times and you’ve had 57 knee surgeries. It’s not happening.'”

When trying to get some insight on Tiger, it’s always good to hear from guys like Rocco who actually know him (and his game) pretty well, but I think Sean Foley and Hank Haney may take a bit of exception with having their coaching methods questioned by the No. 339 player in the world. Bradley Sweats First Pitch Keegan Bradley may have displayed nerves of steel while winning the PGA Championship in a pressure-packed playoff, but he has been very open about another knee-buckling athletic performance: Throwing out the first pitch at Fenway Park last night, before his beloved Red Sox took on the Yankees.
According to Waggle Room’s Emily Kay, Bradley has been sweating his day on the mound all week.

Indeed, Bradley grew increasing anxious about his turn on the Fenway Park mound to throw out the first pitch before a three-game series between the BoSox and their arch rivals, the New York Yankees. After all, he said in a Twitter blast on Monday, he had no desire to become a member of the first-pitch Hall of Shame.
“Every time I think of the first pitch tomorrow I get butterflies and sweaty palms,” Bradley tweeted. “Needless to say I’m nervous. #nobababooey”
Howard Stern fans, among whom Bradley counts himself, are well aware that the radio talk show host’s long-time producer threw a ceremonial first pitch before a 2009 New York Mets game that all who saw it believe was “the worst in the history of modern Major League Baseball,” according to

So how did Bradley do? You be the judge:

Juuuuust a bit outside. Tweet of the Day Does Stewart Cink seem different to you this morning? Stewart_Cink