Truth & Rumors: Did Libya events interrupt Obama's round?

Truth & Rumors: Did Libya events interrupt Obama’s round?

It must be tough getting in 18 when you’re president of the United States. President Obama, who famously went directly from the golf course to the White House situation room the day Osama Bin Laden was killed, didn’t finish his vacation round on Martha’s Vineyard on Sunday either, according to CBS News.

Next stop: the Vineyard Golf Club, a private course whose website boasts it to be "the most environmentally sensitive golf club in the world." Joining the President were White House Trip Director Marvin Nicholson, long-time friend Dr. Eric Whitaker, and UBS America Chairman Robert Wolf.
The foursome played "more than 9 holes, but less than 18" in under 4 hours, falling short of a full round on what is described as a "completely organic" course.

Michelle Wie defends college decision against Sorenstam, Cal students   Not many Stanford students are put in the position of having to defend their choice of college, but Michelle Wie has always been a special case. In an interview with The Los Angeles Times, Wie responded to criticism from Annika Sorenstem, who recently questioned her focus, and talked about her decision to choose school over full-time professional golf.

"I'm making my own decisions, though, and going to Stanford was something I needed to do for myself. It was not a decision made for my golf career, it was really solely a decision I made. It's been one of the first things in my life I did for myself."

Wie added that college also helped the one-time phenom have a sense of normalcy in her life.

"Growing up in the spotlight, playing tournaments when I was 12, I grew up a lot faster than maybe I had to," Wie said. "Going to college helped me be a normal 18-year-old and that was something I needed. I could keep training, but I needed something more to help me be well-rounded.
"I dreamed all my life about going to Stanford. My grandpa was a visiting professor; both my aunt and uncle went to Stanford. My dad, he didn't get into Stanford so that was kind of a competitive thing for me. I've been obsessing about going there since I was 4. It was never an option for me to not go to school."

Who is the best player to have only won one major? Forget the best player without a major. Scott Michaux of The Augusta Chronicle came up with a creative idea for a column in the post-PGA Championship, pre-FedEx Cup doldrums last weekend: Who is the player with one major who is most likely to become a multiple major winner? After noting that Tiger Woods is the only multiple major winner under 40 (save for Padraig Harrington, who turns 40 on August 31), Michaux divides the contenders into probables, possibles, improbables and impossibles. Rory McIlroy is the leader, of course. I don’t want to give too much away, but Keegan Bradley is six spots ahead of Louis Oosthuizen. What a difference a year makes. Tweet of the DayFrom Steve Elkington’s entertaining series of Old School/New School tweets… Elkington_tweet

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