Favorite golf scenes from the big screen

Favorite golf scenes from the big screen

After four decades, the most popular golf novel ever written is finally coming to the silver screen. Golf in the Kingdom (opening July 29) isn't full of A-list stars, but the legend of mystical guru/golf pro Shivas Irons might be enough to enter the pantheon of great golf movies. Here's our list of some of the best golf scenes of all time. (Some clips contain R-rated language.) Animal House In the famous "Only we can do that to our pledges" scene, Boon and Otter use golf as a means to punish an ROTC officer for disrespecting a fellow Delta.

Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius When Bobby Jones gets praised for calling a one-stroke penalty on himself, he says, "That's like congratulating a man for not robbing a bank. I don’t know how else to play the game."

Caddyshack Picking the "best scene" from Caddyshack is almost criminal because there are so many good ones, but it's hard to beat Bill Murray's act as “Cinderella Man." Casino The feds watched Nicky play golf for so long that they ran out of gas and had to land on a fairway. Nicky, of course, proclaimed, "Hundred dollars to whoever hits the plane."

Get Smart Who hasn't wondered what it would be like to drive a car across a crowded driving range? Thanks to golf-ball-proof windows, Steve Carell makes it through unscathed. But his car is another story.

Happy Gilmore Happy Gilmore has a bevy of great scenes to choose from, but the fight between Bob Barker and Happy has to be the best, if only for the number of catchphrases jammed into a 90-second segment. 

Legend of Bagger Vance Will Smith delivers a great monologue on what golfers can learn from watching the greats work.

Lost In Translation Golf can be frustrating, challenging, and maddening – all at the same time – but it can also be true bliss, as the title of this Lost In Translation scene suggests.

Sideways Hitting into a slow group in front of you is one of golf's ultimate temptations. The movie Sideways shows how that plan can backfire pretty quickly.

Tin Cup Who hasn't been swindled by a bet on the golf course? Roy "Tin Cup" McAvoy shows off a new trick to try on your friends with the "7-iron bet."