Truth & Rumors: McIlroy courts tennis star Wozniacki

Truth & Rumors: McIlroy courts tennis star Wozniacki

Caroline It wasn't too long ago Rory McIlroy was saying how big an influence his long time girlfriend, Holly Sweeney, was in his life. Fast forward to last week's British Open and Rory was releasing a statement saying that the two had split up, amicably of course. It's good to be young, rich, and famous — and last Sunday the very recently single U.S. Open champion was spotted on what appeared to be a date with none other than Caroline Wozniacki, the world's top-ranked female tennis player.
Evidently a tennis blogger happened to see the two star athletes having dinner together in a London restaurant and discreetly snapped a couple of photos, which you can see here. This comes on the heels of a flirtatious Twitter exchange last week (which didn't go unnoticed) between the two in which McIlroy wishes Wozniacki a happy 21st birthday, to which she responds, "at least now you will be able to buy me a drink."
Are the two young stars actually a couple? The truth is anyone's guess, but the photo of them appearing to steal a kiss on a London street speaks for itself. Darren Clarke cashes in on British Open win It's safe to say the golf world was happy to see Darren Clarke finally get a well-deserved British Open victory on Sunday as he outlasted a talented field of challengers including Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, and Rickie Fowler. But what most fans probably don't know is that Clarke took home a lot more than the claret jug.
In addition to the nearly $1.5 million winners check, the 42-year old Northern Irishman received a bonus worth more than $3 million from Dunlop, whose logo he wears on his chest. Clarke's windfall stems from unique deal negotiated by his agent, Andrew "Chubby" Chandler, which guarantees no compensation unless the Ulsterman wins a major (in case you were wondering why Lee Westwood wears a Dunlop logo on his chest, he's also a Chandler client).
But the spoils for Clarke's victory don't end there. According to Chandler, the big win is a game-changer for the burly Irishman, who is now exempt into all four majors for the next five years, including an exemption into the British Open until he turns 60. Clarke also moves from 111 in the world rankings to 30, which gets him into the remaining World Golf Championships this season. Tiger texts help Clarke win first major For those who thought Tiger was a selfish scoundrel who wanted nothing but wins for himself, guess again. Yup, El Tigre actually sent Darren Clarke a couple of text messages in which he gave the soon-to-be Open Champion tips on how to win a major.

"Darren got two text messages from Tiger," confirmed the Ulsterman's manager, Chubby Chandler, yesterday. "They weren't just 'play well' messages either. It was a real bit of sports psychology."

What exactly Tiger related to Clarke is unknown, but clearly the content of the texts were significant, as Clarke went out of his way to acknowledge their importance.

"I wouldn't want to go into what Tiger said to me in the texts, but they were very much appreciated and helped when it came to believing that I could win."

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