Barkley swings without a hitch in Lake Tahoe

Could all those lessons Charles Barkley took with Hank Haney finally be paying off?
Fans of the NBA Hall of Famer and notorious hacker are no doubt familiar with his hitchy, twitchy golf swing. In 2009 Barkley became Haney's pupil for the instructor's Golf Channel TV show, The Haney Project, and at season's end, it didn't appear Barkley had conquered his demons. But check out two of Barkley's swings from last weekend at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship at Lake Tahoe, as tweeted by Haney:

In that second clip, Barkley apparently out-drove Michael Jordan. (According to Haney's wife, Suzanne.)
Just for a point of reference — and because we never get tired of watching it — here's a fantastic montage of Barkley's "old" swing.