Truth & Rumors: Rory refuses extra security

Rory Fears No FansWith his dominant performance at Congressional, Rory McIlroy has made the leap from exceptional talent to superstar in remarkably short order. While Rory will certainly be the center of attention at this week's Open Championship, James Corrigan of the UK's Independent says that Rory isn't letting his newfound fame get between him and his adoring fans.

Rory McIlroy was entrusted by the Royal and Ancient yesterday to fill the huge berth left by Tiger Woods' absence, but the young Ulsterman has refused to take the former world No 1's security cordon as well. The "new Tiger" is evidently determined not to be the "old Tiger".
The young Ulsterman has declined the offer to make himself unique in the championship and have his own personal guards, à la Woods. "I asked him if he wanted extra security but he said no," said his manager, Andrew Chandler. "It will be the same for Rory as for any other player. He wants to remain accessible to his fans."

I doubt McIlroy will be in any real physical danger, but the lack of extra protection does leave him open to another sort of British Open fan interaction. The Amazing Adventures of Tiger WoodsAfter years of media scrutiny, Tiger's probably gotten used to the tabloid treatment, but now he's going to have to deal with something entirely different: The comic book treatment.

One of the newsmakers of the decade is now a comic book sensation. In stores on Wednesday, July 13th, Tiger Woods is the next subject of Bluewater Productions' biography comic book series. Tiger Woods is, in most respects, the most famous golfer of all time.
He may have had some recent troubles, but his life is one filled with very interesting tidbits. Come inside and see how his life lead him to be one of the most famous sports stars in the history of the United States and the world and learn about the man behind all of these news stories. Go for a hole in one with this comic detailing the life story of this major athlete.

As far as I know, this is the first comic book treatment of Woods's life. For $3.99 I'll probably still check it out, but I can't help feel like Bluewater is a bit late to the party. After all, what's exciting about a comic book when you've already seen the Chinese animation? Tweet of the Day Paul Azinger isn't afraid to say what everyone seems to be thinking about Royal St. George's: Azinger
Something tells me it's going to be an interesting week.