Truth & Rumors: O'Hair's wayward shot saves a life

Truth & Rumors: O’Hair’s wayward shot saves a life

Lucky Shot Really cool story out of Philly this weekend, where Sean O'Hair met Chris Logan, a local man who might be O'Hair's biggest fan after the PGA Tour pro beaned him at the AT&T National last year. According to Joe Juliano at, it was the shot of O'Hair's (and Logan's) life.

But he had his day cut short when a tee shot from Sean O'Hair, one of his favorite players, struck him in the left temple at the 18th hole.
As emergency medical technicians hustled him to a nearby tent to be examined, Logan had no idea this would be the luckiest day of his life.
While checking him out for a concussion, a doctor inquired about a lump just below his throat and urged him to visit his family doctor to get it checked out. The lump turned out to be a malignant tumor on his thyroid. He underwent two surgeries less than six weeks after being struck by the ball…
There were a lot of "what-ifs." What if Logan had not decided to go to the tournament? What if he had continued to follow the leaders on the back nine instead of going back to watch O'Hair play his final hole? What if he, a former caddie at Overbrook Golf Club, had done a better job of following the flight of the ball and gotten out of the way?
"I don't want to say I haven't thought about it, but…" said Logan, his voice starting to crack. "I guess fate would be the word I would use. I'm not sure how much more in depth I can go. But if there wasn't fate working that day, I'd be lying to myself. We could have stayed home. I could have stayed up around the [18th] green and just watched Sean putt."

If you've got some time, read the whole story, it's one of those great combinations of sad, funny, shocking and heartwarming, especially because O'Hair and Logan are actually from the same PA town. New York State of Mind? After a few years bumming around some of the nicest private courses in New Jersey, it sounds as if the Barclays is ready to make it's triumphant return to the Empire State. Brendan Prunty of the Star-Ledger looks into the rumored new location for the first leg of the FedEx Cup, two-time U.S. Open venue, Bethpage Black.

Traditionally held at Westchester Country Club, the PGA Tour and the club parted ways after the inaugural FedEx Cup Playoffs — of which The Barclays is the first event…
When the tour split with Westchester in the winter of 2007, part of the agreement was that the PGA Tour would return once to the club before 2012. But while it was assumed that would be The Barclays, that turned out not to be the case. Early last winter, it was announced that Westchester would host the Constellation Energy Senior Players Championship — one of the majors for the Champions Tour, formerly the Senior PGA Tour.
That opened the door for Bethpage Black to swoop in a pick up two future dates in The Barclays rotation [in 2012 and 2016].
Rumored to have been on the outs with the USGA after hosting two U.S. Opens in a seven-year span, the brawny public golf course in Farmingdale had been searching for a big-time replacement event.

On one hand, I hate to see a tournament leave the great state of New Jersey (even though it will be back at Liberty National in 2013), but it's nice to see Bethpage getting some love from the PGA Tour. I'm still holding out hope that the Open will someday return to Bethpage Black so that it can redeem itself with a seamless (read: dry) major, but in the meantime, a FedEx Cup event is nothing to sneeze at for the world's best muni. YouTube Video of the Day Inspired by the PGA Tour's Golf Boys, a group of Ladies European Tour players have put together a tribute music video of their own. I'll let the footage speak for itself, but it should go without saying that the Golf Boys showed considerably more skin than their female counterparts.