Feherty’s new show promises to entertain

Golf analyst David Feherty is known for his quick wit and impeccable analogies, his Irish accent and unapologetic sense of humor. Perhaps that’s why the Golf Channel gave him his own show, Feherty (Tuesdays, 9 p.m. EST), where Feherty’s multiple talents promise to be displayed.
If the “Missed Cuts” video from his interview with Lee Trevino is any indication of the show’s future content, then Feherty is off to a nice start. The topics –- everything from Jack Nicklaus to Trevino’s influence on Latinos to his current analysis of the game’s young players –- were diverse, informative, and sincere.
That’s not to say Feherty is going to be boring or traditional. As Feherty himself said during his extended preview, “What’s the point of doing a show like this if you can’t make a few Golf Channel suits a little jumpy?”
From the look of the extended preview, it seems as if the mood surrounding Feherty will depend as much on the guest as anything else. Interviews with golfing greats Tom Watson and Johnny Miller are scheduled. Charles Barkley and actor Don Cheadle also will be on the show.