Truth and Rumors: Tiger's former doctor may be negotiating plea deal

Truth and Rumors: Tiger’s former doctor may be negotiating plea deal

Tiger Woods is recovering from another knee injury, but we can rule out any future visits from Anthony Galea, one of his former doctors. According to the New York Times, Galea may be negotiating a plea deal with the feds.

Galea is accused of treating more than 20 professional athletes in the United States between July 2007 and September 2009 and providing many of them with human growth hormone and other performance-enhancing drugs. He did not have a license to practice medicine in the United States at the time. Galea faces charges that include conspiracy, fraud and lying to border agents.
Galea, despite being unlicensed, treated both Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees and Tiger Woods during their recovery from injuries, although Galea has insisted he never administered performance-enhancing drugs to his athlete clients.
The federal docket in Galea’s case shows no activity since his indictment on Oct. 14, an indication either that his lawyer is trying to persuade federal prosecutors to drop the charges or — more likely — that he is in plea negotiations, said Daniel C. Richman, a former federal prosecutor who teaches criminal law at Columbia University.

And this is something to keep an eye on …

Galea has said that although he used H.G.H. himself, his treatment of Woods and Rodriguez was limited to blood-spinning therapy and an anti-inflammatory medicine.
Any cooperation agreement could involve Galea’s changing his account of what he did with the athletes he treated.

Times are a Changin'After 168 years, the St. Andrews Golf Club may finally allow women members, according to the Guardian.

In a letter to members, club officials wrote that a ban on women could be a "retrograde step" and set out options.
The letter, excerpts of which were printed in the Courier newspaper, reads: "Firstly, it could operate as at present with members and their male guests being permitted to use the members' lounge.
"This would result in no lady guests being permitted at all in the clubhouse, as all guests must be given the same rights of access under the Act."
The second option would see the members' lounge used for members only.
Officials reportedly recommend that members back a third option, which allows members and guests into all public areas of the clubhouse whatever their gender.

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