Truth and Rumors: McIlroy's clubs fly away after Masters

Truth and Rumors: McIlroy’s clubs fly away after Masters

Rory Can't Catch a Break It's been a rough ride to Malaysia for Rory McIlroy. The young star has taken his Masters disappointment in stride and even shared a chummy ride to his next tournament with the world's-happiest man, Charl Schwartzel, but according to the UK's Telegraph not all of the 21-year-old phenom's possessions made the trip.

Just days after his Masters meltdown Rory McIlroy arrived in Malaysia ahead of the Open to find his clubs were missing.
Despite saying he would learn vital lessons from his Masters collapse it seems McIlroy's rotten luck has followed him to the other side of the world where he finds himself club-less.
"It hasn't happened often, its one of these things you can't help it, going through so many timezones and so many connecting flights your bags are going to get lost sometimes," McIlroy said.
"Hopefully they turn up tonight and I'll be ready to go tomorrow.

Once again, Mcilroy proves he can handle disappointment with poise and composure. Considering he's reportedly earning a $300,000 appearance fee this week, he could probably play with a rental set and still leave happy. Major Players A European didn't win the Masters, but Charl Schwartzel's victory is still a boon for the European Tour. As NBC's Ryan Ballengee reports, there is one tournament in particular that will be reaping the benefits of Schwartzel's latest accomplishment.

Much was made in golf’s semi-offseason when the likes of Lee Westwood, Rory McIlroy and PGA Champion Martin Kaymer opted to renege or decline their PGA Tour membership for 2011. Several of the sport’s big names would not be playing more than 9 times in the States.After that, the PGA Tour policy board created an exemption which would allow top nonmembers to compete in The Players Championship in May. It still was not enough of a carrot for Lee Westwood or Rory McIlroy, both under the management of Chubby Chandler.Though McIlroy came up short at the Masters, another of Chandler’s clients won. And Charl Schwartzel will join buddy Louis Oosthuizen, the aforementioned Kaymer and US Open winner Graeme McDowell in the European version of The Players, the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth, May 26-29.It’s the first time in the event’s history, dating back to 1972, that all four active major winners will compete in the tournament.

At first glance, this sounds like bad news for the PGA Tour, as every day there seems to be a story suggesting that the Big Show is losing its influence (even the year's richest tournament is being held in South Africa). But how can globalization be bad for any sport, much less one that has so effectively embraced foreign talent? Stray Passes Two football-related golf stories for you:
Jerry Rice has decided to play in the Nationwide charity tournament that he hosts. If that doesn't surprise you, it should: After he opened last year's tourney with a record-breaking 92, Rice said he'd be very reluctant to do anything more than host this year.
Broncos legend John Elway has shepherded the BMW Championship to Cherry Hills, Country Club in Colorado. It's the first time since the 1985 PGA Championship that Cherry Hills has hosted a Tour event. Daly and the Blowfish From the Twitter feed of @PGA_JohnDaly John-daly  
This picture may seem weird if you don't know that John Daly is a friend of Darius Rucker and the rest of the band. Wait, that may make the photo seem even more weird …