Truth & Rumors: Charlie Rymer booted from Masters

Truth & Rumors: Charlie Rymer booted from Masters

Golf Channel's Rymer booted from Masters for cell phone Augusta National takes its no-cell-phones policy seriously. According to USA Today, the club kicked Golf Channel analyst Charlie Rymer off the property during the tournament last week for talking on his cell phone outside the media center. (Credentialed media are allowed to bring cell phones through the gates, but the phones are only allowed in the media center.)

The Augusta National Golf Club confirms it ejected Westwood One golf analyst Charlie Rymer during the first round of the Masters tournament Thursday for using a cellphone outside the media center.
The private, all-male golf club forbids cellphones on the grounds. When Rymer, who was credentialed by the Westwood One radio network to cover the tournament, stepped outside the media center to chat on his cell phone, he was nailed by a security guard and asked to leave the premises.
"We explained to him our policy, how we take it very seriously and we sent him home," Augusta spokesman Steve Ethun said Monday.
Rymer apologized and was admitted back Friday, Ethun said.

Desperate Westwood Goes to Belly PutterThe world's former No. 1 player finished in a tie for 11th at the Masters after switching to a belly putter for the final round. After repeatedly missing opportunities from within 10 feet, Westwood, whose long game was spot on as always, reached a level of frustration that forced him to make the change. 

I am very frustrated. I played tee to green like a man who should have won the tournament. Putting was the problem and I need to sort it out. 
I switched to the belly putter which I have not used for four years and I putted better than the short one. The problem was I could not hole from four feet.

In regard to his future with the flatstick, Westwood didn't sound overly optimistic

I felt a little bit more comfortable, so I think I'll carry on with the belly putter – maybe find one that fits a little bit better. But I don't see any future in the short one for the near future.

Rickie Fowler Gives Reggie Bush a Golf Lesson, Happy Gilmore StyleWith the NFL lockout situation looking pretty grim, a lot of players are looking for ways to spend their extra-long off season. Recently, New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush, aka Kim Kardashian's ex boyfriend, decided to jump into the game of golf with a little help from one of his friends. Check out the video for a quick laugh, and don't be put off by both guys' obvious love of Red Bull: