Truth and Rumors: Tiger Woods tries to fix short game, too

Truth and Rumors: Tiger Woods tries to fix short game, too

With all of the talk about Tiger's recent swing changes, not much attention has been paid to his usually impeccable short game. Steve Elling of CBS Sports reports that not only is Woods revamping his full swing, but he's also messing with his short-game shots and putting stroke — something he rarely did with Hank Haney or Butch Harmon.

"I changed my entire release and how I did it with Hank," Woods said. "You want to have the same type of swing with the putter all the way up to the driver. It's the same motion just smaller, and the pitch shot is the same."
Of course, the degree to which the short game should be affected by an overall swing change is debatable and will surely fuel a few fires in the Internet chat-o-sphere.
"If I use one swing, if I hit thousands of chip shots and only hit a few hundred balls, well if I'm doing the same release that I used to, that's totally contrary to what I'm doing with the swing," he said.
In other words, whereas his short game was able a stable platform from which to build the rest of his game, it's in transition at the moment, too.

Florida politician propose 'Jack Nicklaus Golf Trail'Having lived in Florida for a brief period, I know that the locals love the environment. So if you're a politician, it's never a good idea to introduce legislation that might knock down a few trees and disrupt the wildlife.
But State Sen. John Thrasher and State Rep. Patrick Rooney are trying to go ahead with bills that would require golf courses in state parks in every region of Florida — designed by Jack Nicklaus himself, according to The Miami Herald.

The bills call for at least one Nicklaus-designed course to be built in state parks in all five regions of Florida. Rooney's version specifically names one park that has to get a Nicklaus course: Jonathan Dickinson State Park in Martin County on the east coast.
The bills also say each course will be designed in an environmentally sensitive manner, and may include a hotel.
The National Golf Foundation says Florida already has more golf courses than any other state: more than 1,000.

Ben Crane pokes fun at his slow-playing waysBen Crane's first video was a hilarious look at a golfer who before then was primarily known as a slow player. In his third installment, Crane finally tackles the question we've long wanted to know: Why is he so damn slow?

Tweet of the Day We mentioned it yesterday, but if you're not already on Twitter, you should sign up just to follow Tiger's former coach Hank Haney. Along with offering free swing tips to his followers, Haney has not been shy about giving his honest opinions regarding Sean Foley's comments from Golf Magazine's April issue.

Haney @HankDHaney: Good morning to all my media friends at Doral. My goal today is to give u only one thing to write. You guys had a field day yesterday.