Truth & Rumors: PGA Tour won't change to accommodate Westwood

Truth & Rumors: PGA Tour won’t change to accommodate Westwood

No Love for LeeThere has been a lot of back and forth about how accommodating the PGA Tour should be to players like Lee Westwood and Rory McIlroy who have turned down invitations to join the U.S. circuit full time. The Golf Channel's Rex Hoggard talked to the Tour to see if there were any plans to make it easier for non-members to play a full slate of PGA Tour events. The answer? You probably could have guessed it.

When asked if the Tour was considering any changes to its policies that would encourage players like Westwood to play full-time on both sides of the pond, Tour vice president of communications Ty Votaw said the circuit was not.“We look at it every year, our rules as it applies to the 15 event (minimum) for members, 12 (maximum) for non-members and 11 for players like Lee and, to my knowledge, we haven't had any real conversations related to changing that,” Votaw said.Specifically, Votaw was asked if the Tour was considering lowering the minimum number of events required for Tour membership (15), which may tempt players like Westwood to play both tours, or exempting top 10 players in the World Golf Ranking into as many events as they wish to play.
“None of that has been discussed,” he said.

There seems to be no love lost between the Tour and the Euro stars that are determined to play most of their rounds across the pond. But, despite the lack of a resolution on the horizon, it seems hard to believe that the PGA Tour wont' find some way to accommodate the increasingly potent (and popular) European talent. Du-bought?Speaking of the changing power dynamic between the pro tours: Even though his course in Dubai may be doomed, there's a rumor that Tiger Woods could be ready to commit to spending more time there in the coming years.

Tiger Woods could sign a new three-year contract to play at the Omega Dubai Desert Classic till 2014, if Golf in Dubai have their way. Arguably the greatest golfer in the world, the 35-year-old didn't exactly cover himself in glory at the Emirates Golf Club last weekend as he finished tied 20th, his worst finish here and was also fined by the European PGA Tour for spitting on the greens. But according to Mohammad Juma Bu Amim, vice-president and CEO of Golf in Dubai, the American superstar could be back next year if things go according to plan.

Obviously the ink's not on the paper, but this could be yet another sign of the struggles that the PGA Tour is having as it tries to keep its big name players in the U.S. during the first few weeks of the season. Tweet(s) of the day He may have finished 502nd in the FedEx Cup standings last year, but Tour pro Josh Teater is making a strong run for Tweeter of the week. Teater has posted some great Twit pics of him hanging out in The Office's Dunder Mifflin studio. Here's Teater impersonating the World's Best Boss Teater