Truth & Rumors: Stanford paper wants Tiger for graduation speaker

Truth & Rumors: Stanford paper wants Tiger for graduation speaker

Stanford Daily columnist Jordan Carr knows that a college graduation ceremony is only as good as the star power of its commencement speaker so he wants to bring in the ultimate high-watt celebrity to Palo Alto this May: Stanford man Tiger Woods.

Let's not pretend like we're above bringing in a big name just because of the attention it will attract. Oprah Winfrey hosts a talk show that airs while people with jobs are working. Tiger Woods plays golf while people are napping–same thing, basically. There is nobody–nobody–who would bring the same amount of attention to Stanford's 2011 commencement that Tiger Woods would.
Tiger has a unique perspective on things. He came to Stanford as a golf phenom, left as a blossoming superstar, rose to the top of his field, which he dominated to an unprecedented degree, suffered a humiliating downfall and now is trying to claw his way back to the top. I don't doubt that in time, Stanford will once again welcome Tiger Woods back. But why not now, when he is at his most downtrodden? We can show the world that Stanford will stand by its man, even when things are at their worst. I'm pretty sure that's in the Fundamental Standard somewhere.
So, do what you have to do to make this happen. Write petitions. Start a Facebook group. Those things have to be good for something.

If you can read this, then the clubs fell offIf you're like me, one of the biggest hassles about playing golf is carrying your clubs on the back of your Harley. Fortunately, a new company has solved this problem. Golfweek's Jim Achenbach has the details:

…Golf inventors and promoters often have a cryptic sense of humor. I could write a book about new golf products – the good, the bad, the bodacious and the ugly – and how they are introduced to the world.
Today, though, I will focus on just one product. It is called the Go-Go Caddy, and it is something I will never own or use. Why? Because it is designed to carry golf clubs on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. I am a self-proclaimed motorcycle moron. Call me Uneasy Rider. If I ride on a motorcycle, I am worried about just one thing: That would be falling down.
I am fascinated by the Go-Go Caddy ( simply because I like the man behind it, 38-year-old Cameron James of Matthews, N.C. Gogocaddy

Torrey Pines organizers expect to see TigerSome big names have already committed to the Farmers Insurance Open — Phil Mickelson, Rickie Fowler, Hunter Mahan, Dustin Johnson — and organizers sound confident that Tiger Woods will play the tournament, his usual start to his PGA Tour season, according to Tod Leonard of The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Tom Wilson, tournament director and executive director of the Century Club, said six-time tournament champion Tiger Woods has not committed, but the expectation remains that Woods will be here for the first time in three years.
"I talked to Mark Steinberg (Woods' agent) last week, and he said unless something disastrous happens he feels Tiger will be here," Wilson said. "He's trying to get Tiger to commit earlier, as he did for some tournaments last year. What earlier means, I'm not sure. I hope it's sometime in the next week or two."

Stray Shots: Stuff we saw while wondering how bland, reticent Steve Stricker won the Golf Writers Association of America award for media accessibility…
An American Ryder Cup captain might get Brett Favred. (Via Deadspin)
A new drainage system at Kapalua should help the quality of play at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions this week. (Via Tweet of the Day:

Ferguson dougferguson405: Jim Furyk makes his first PGA Tour media guide cover the year they stop publication of the media guide. Pity.

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