Bubba Watson's father dies after lengthy illness

Bubba Watson’s father dies after lengthy illness

Gerry Watson, Bubba Watson’s father, died Thursday of throat cancer following a lengthy illness.
Bubba Watson announced his father’s death Thursday afternoon on Twitter: “Everyone it's a sad day for my family!! My Dad has Passed.” An emotional Watson had talked about his father’s condition earlier this month at the Ryder Cup.
“My dad is dying of cancer, the doctor says three months to live,” Watson said. “I'm playing this for him and representing the United States.”
Gerry Watson was a Vietnam veteran and former Green Beret. After Bubba won the Travelers in June, he talked about how much his father meant to him.
“You know, my dad taught me everything I know. It's not very much, but that's all I know. He would agree with that,” Bubba said. “You know, I've never had a lesson. My dad, he took me to the golf course when I was six years old and just told me he was going to be in the woods looking for his ball, so he just told me to take this 9-iron and beat it down the fairway. And now look at me after beating a 9-iron on the fairway coming from Bagdad, Florida, I never dreamed this.”
Bubba and his wife, Angie, are traveling to Pensacola, Fla., to be with family members, according to reports.

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