Truth & Rumors: Tiger prepared for Ryder Cup heckling

Truth & Rumors: Tiger prepared for Ryder Cup heckling

One of the subplots to this year’s Ryder Cup will be how the post-scandal Tiger Woods will be received by his teammates, their wives and the Wales fans. Well, we know how Woods is going to be received by the fans: he’ll be mercilessly heckled in the tradition of the Ryder Cup, which means he’ll get the business as he walks the fairway but respectful silence (we hope!) when he’s preparing for his shot.
“On the road it's very different,” Woods said Monday. “You get booed a lot, you get jeered, and people say things they probably shouldn't say.” Woods has seen it happen in Europe and the U.S., and he said he’s prepared for anything the Wales fans might throw at him.
“Unfortunately I've seen it on both sides,” Woods said. “They did it with Monty in I think three of the four team matches, so it goes both ways, and I've had that experience and understand how to deal with it and make it a positive thing.” The Dude abides at the DeutscheWith his Jeff Spicoli hair and his laid-back demeanor, Charley Hoffman is golf’s new counterculture hero (not that we had a lot of guys to choose from). And if Hoffman looks like a guy who knows how to have fun, that’s because he is, according to Hoffman’s UNLV teammate Adam Scott.
“He's a real down-to-earth guy,” Scott said after Hoffman won the Deutsche Bank Championship with a 62 on Monday. “I can't say enough about Charley. As much as I joke about all the bad stuff he made me do at college, he made me feel very comfortable, a 17-year-old kid from Australia moving to Vegas, and he drove me around all year my freshman year because I didn't have a car or anything.” Plus, he’s got the best T-shirt in golf, available on Thehoff Woosie says he would have picked Paul CaseyIan Woosnam, who lead the Europeans to Ryder Cup victory at the K Club in 2006, says he would have picked Paul Casey for the team. Casey was left off the team when captain Colin Montgomerie picked Eduardo Molinari, Padraig Harrington and Luke Donald for the team, but Woosie told WalesOnline that Casey’s distance off the tee would have been an advantage at the Celtic Manor course.

"You can’t say it’s the strongest team because the world number eight Casey is not there. You need to get the strongest team possible out on the golf course. “Someone had to be left out and it was a difficult job. As the captain Colin’s the one who has to make the decision and ultimately stand by it.
“I’m not saying who should be picked but I did find it a little bit strange not having Casey, who’s such a long hitter, in the side. “I would have seen that as an advantage at Celtic Manor and against an American team that includes some of the longest hitters in the world at the moment. Paul Casey would have been in my fantasy team, let’s put it that way.”

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