Windy conditions suspend play at British Open

Windy conditions suspend play at British Open

If you don't like the weather in St. Andrews, just wait five minutes. Today has already seen pouring rain, postcard blue skies and now winds gusting strong enough to suspend play.
Officials from The R&A suspended British Open play at 9:39 a.m. EST due to gusting winds. The Open Championship policy is fairly simple: If the wind moves balls on the green, the R&A suspends play until the wind dies down. The forecast is for strong winds the rest of the day, so players and officials will have to wait and see. Here's how R&A chief executive Peter Dawson explained it:

Q. Just on the weather again, do you have a specific measure by which it gets to a certain point you have to call off play? Is that a judgment call?

PETER DAWSON: It's very measurable by whether the balls are moving about on the greens. Q. How much do they need? PETER DAWSON: If they're moving almost at all you stop play. Q. So if it's not moving at all on the green but it's absolutely howling it down, you're still playing? PETER DAWSON: Still playing.

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