Stevie calls Tiger's putting "substandard"

Stevie calls Tiger’s putting “substandard”

In an extended interview with The Guardian, caddie Steve Williams called Tiger Woods's putting "substandard."
Some highlights:

"The one part of Tiger's game this year that has been very substandard is his putting. He hasn't putted well in any of his events. The key to playing well at St Andrews is putting. The greens are very generous so you don't miss that many greens."

Later in the interview Williams added:

"Expectations never change. When you enter a tournament, you're trying to win. What's been different this year is his form hasn't been that great. I can see it's been a lot more difficult for him to turn it around during a tournament. Obviously that back nine was brilliant on the Saturday at the US Open, but outside of that it's been a bit of a struggle. But you never change your expectations. The idea is to get in contention on the back nine on Sunday."

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that Woods swapped his Titleist Scotty Cameron putter, which he has used in competition for more than 12 years, for a new Nike model this week.
Woods has not won on Tour since returning after revelations of marital infidelity.