Truth and Rumors: Atwal says Tiger is ready

Neighbor says Tiger is ready to strike at PebbleAccording to the BBC, Tiger's neighbor and buddy Arjun Atwal says Tiger is "very close" to returning to prime form this week at the U.S. Open. 

"His practices have been really good the last couple of weeks at home. Every day it has got better," said Atwal.
"He feels he is very close. It is just a matter of when the bell goes off if he can do it then. I think he will."

Evidently Atwal, who's won a number of tournaments on the Asian and European Tours, plays and practices with Tiger quite a bit and has been impressed with what he's seen from the world's No. 1 player of late. 

"He is close, very close," said Atwal. "In fact, yesterday (Sunday) was a lot better and then today (Monday) got a lot better than yesterday. It's amazing the improvement."

The bottom line: We'll believe it when we see it.  Lefty ready to become world's # 1Yup, Phil is again on the cusp of becoming the world's No. 1-ranked player. There are a number of scenarios that could see Tiger slip to No. 2 after an unprecedented five years on top: 
1. Phil wins. 
2. Phil comes in second and Tiger finishes out of the top 4. 
3. Phil finishes third while Tiger finishes outside the top 18. 
4. Tiger misses the cut and Phil manages a tie for third. 
The bottom line: Phil, it might be now or never.