Truth and Rumors: Tiger's tarts part deux, Phil and Ryo play numbers game

Truth and Rumors: Tiger’s tarts part deux, Phil and Ryo play numbers game

The truth of Tiger's secret life is stranger than fictionIn the June issue of Vanity Fair journalist Mark Seal continues his expose on the secret life of the world's best golfer in, The Temptation of Tiger Woods, Part II: Losing Control, in which he reveals in-depth information on everything from the troubled phenom's disastrous pre-Thanksgiving car accident to his management team's mistakes to his many illicit liaisons. Among the wide variety of topics Seal covers, the most interesting tidbits come from some of Tiger's special lady friend's themselves, including seemingly "normal," women:

Cori Rist, who met Woods in a New York City nightclub, saw his childlike side, from his fondness for watching cartoons while eating Froot Loops to his insecurities as a boyfriend—according to Rist, he wanted to know where she was and what she was doing all the time. “From the moment I’d wake up, he’d be texting: ‘Who’s with you? Are you alone?’” she tells Seal. “It was almost like high school, when you call someone all the time: ‘Where are you? How do you feel about me?’ He needed constant attention and reassurance.”

To pornstars:

Adult-film star Veronica Siwik-Daniels tells Seal that Woods insisted she quit the porn business, because he couldn’t stand to see her with another man. She also says she became pregnant by Woods twice, but never told him; according to Siwik-Daniels, the first instance ended with a miscarriage, the second with an abortion that she got when she came to feel that Woods was cheating on her—and not with his wife.

To hear from Seal himself, and to get a brief behind-the-scenes glimpse of the Vanity Fair photo shoot with Rist, Siwik-Daniels and Jamie Grubbs, just click play: 

Phil's knock knock knockin' on Tiger's doorAccording to CNN, Tiger's record 258 weeks as the world's number one golfer could soon be coming to an end. After Tiger's missed cut and Phil Mickelson's strong 2nd place at Quail Hollow, it's possible Phil could pass Tiger with a good finish at The Player's Championship this week. In fact, if Phil wins and Tiger finishes outside the top-5, they'll be a new sheriff in town. And unlike various times in the past, in this instance it just might happen. Think about it – Phil's red hot and Tiger has just missed his first cut in about 50-years. And you know when a guy like Tiger even suggests that media attention might be the cause of his poor play, things aren't looking great: 

"Well, I get asked every day. Every day I do media, I get asked it, so it doesn't go away. Even when I'm at home, paparazzi still follow us, helicopters still hover around,"

"Does it test you? Yes, of course it does. Is that any excuse? No, because I'm out there and I have the same opportunity as everybody else here in this field to shoot a good number, and I didn't do that."

The bottom line: Even with everything going horribly wrong for Tiger, he's still a freak of talent. Phil has to win another major this year if he wants to make a meaningful statement.  Ryo's 58 is overshadowed but can't be ignoredAll the news this weekend was seemingly about Rory McIlroy's electric final round 62 at Quail Hollow, but Ryo Ishikawa's 58 wasn't bad either. His twelve birdies in the final round enabled him to overcome a six-stroke deficit and win by a whopping five. According to Golf Monthly, Ishikawa birdied five of his first six holes to card a front-nine 28. When he eventually posted the lowest score in Japanese Tour history, taking home his seventh career victory (The Crowns), Ishikawa was understandably pumped:  

"It's absolutely unbelievable, I don't know where all those birdies came from," said Ishikawa. "Seeing my score improve by 12 strokes at the end – it's like a dream.

The bottom line: Ryo is for real and Japanese Tour or not, twelve under is a decent score.