Truth and Rumors: Ash cloud gets Obama on golf course

Truth and Rumors: Ash cloud gets Obama on golf course

The Iceland ash cloud that has grounded so many international travelers has not impacted golf as
much as other sports, according to the BBC, because the Euro Tour is in its
Asian swing.

The Moroccan Golf Classic, due to start at the Pullman Magazan course in El Jadida on Wednesday, has also been postponed.
the Ballantine's Championship in Korea on the full PGA European Tour is
unlikely to be affected, with the majority of players already in Asia
after the Volvo China Open.

The ash cloud has no
obvious effect on the PGA Tour, which is in the American South for the
next few weeks. The only measurable impact the ash cloud has had on American
golf is that President Barack Obama was able to play 18 on Sunday after
his trip to Poland was canceled due to the cloud, according to The
Washington Times
. (Obama was scheduled to attend the funeral of Polish
President Lech Kaczynski; French Prime Minister Nicolas Sarkozy and
German Chancellor Angela Merkel also canceled.)

A massive volcanic plume covering most of Europe forced President Obama
to cancel a Sunday trip to Poland to attend the funeral of the nation's
president. But the last-minute change left an opening in his schedule,
so the president headed to the links for a round of golf instead.
a cool but sun-drenched day, the president and three golfing companions
headed to Andrews Air Force Base to play 18 holes. It is the 32nd time
Mr. Obama has played golf since taking office Jan. 20, 2009, according
to CBS Radio's Mark Knoller.

That has to be the dumbest thing I ever….Great shot, PhilCount
Jim Furyk as another guy who thought Phil Mickelson was crazy to try that 6-iron out of the pine straw at the 13th hole on the final round
of the Masters. After his win at Harbour Town, Furyk, who missed the cut
at the Masters, told reporters that he watched Mickelson win on television with his wife, Tabitha.

We watched the first half at a restaurant, and then we went back to the
hotel, and picked it up on the back nine. And I watched in our room
before Sunday, before we went to dinner. We're friends with a lot of
those guys, but, you know, kind of had an interest in Phil. And it was
nice to see Amy out there. We sat and watched television. I mumbled a
few words when he was hitting out of pine needles on 13, but it worked
out well.

Yang 2, Doubters 0After Y.E. Yang followed his
PGA Championship triumph over Tiger Woods with a few middling
tournaments, some skeptics were calling him "Y.E. Micheel." In truth,
Yang was running himself ragged with promotional appearances (he's very
loyal to his sponsors) and an exhausting travel schedule. Now that he's
able to rest and work on his game again, Yang is proving those skeptics
wrong with a Top 10 finish at the Masters and a win at the China Open on Sunday.
his win at the China Open, Yang told the BBC, "There should be some
doubters about my game and I know that this win won't abolish all those
doubts, but I think it will alleviate me of some of the pressure and
unseen pressure those doubters have been throwing at me.
have been a lot of expectations of me after the win and it does feel
good and alleviating, but I know I still have to work a lot more."

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