Twitter Chat: David Dusek on Masters Week, Augusta National

Twitter Chat: David Dusek on Masters Week, Augusta National's David Dusek, on location at Augusta National, hosted a live Twitter chat at 2 ET on Wednesday before the Par 3 Contest.  Here's the transcript.  Follow David Dusek on Twitter:  @GOLFcom_Dusek Amazing, stunning. I'd drive down from NYC just to practice
here. RT @lewismi4: What’s the buzz on the new practice area this yr?
No one has ever won Par 3 Contest AND the Masters in the
same year. Steve Stricker is T1 at -3 thru 7 right now.
Tour vans R not allowed in ANGC. Park across the street RT
@jmw2gator: Do equipment trucks have a huge pres at Masters like other
High quality materials, looks, exclusivity & demand =
high price. RT @ovidiov: Honestly ….Does a Scotty Cameron values its prices? His Chairmanship, not
I. RT @golfexaminer: Would you say that
Payne's lecture to Woods was just a tad patronizing and condescending?
Sizzling as always. My guess, 12.5 now. 14 tomorrow B4 rain.
They love 'em fast 'n smooth. RT @jemehl: How the greens running on the stimp?
It's a + for everyone 4 lots of reasons. RT @bule1101: Looks
like Amy will be there with Phil, has to be a huge bonus for him, right?
New Studio Select Laguna 1.5. Classic looking. RT @krishons:
Any new Scotty Cameron models catch your eye on the angc putting green?
Gr8 ?. Gotta say Phil winning. RT @tiger4prez: What would be
more surprising to you? Tiger missing the cut, or Phil winning it all?
Never heard that. '96 Olympics was rumored, but no LPGA. RT
@golferinkilt: Do you know if LPGA ever tried to stage a major at #Augusta?
Injuries not a good sign, but he's SO talented. RT
@RGLittleJoe: So is Paul Casey going 2 be healthy enough 2 compete & do
Odds of Top 10, 75:1. Top 5, 150:1. RT @huntershikes: Odds
of Duval cracking top-10? He sure does love him some AGNC…
Everyone is playing together nicely in the sandbox. RT
@toddgordonforex: Any players verbally outspoken against [Tiger] now?
@John_McNamara Tough to say grooves are the only cause for
scrambling stat rises. Courses, lies, bad swings.
Yes, 2 conf. groove. cont.. RT @John_McNamara: Has Zach/Cink
changed wedges? Drop in scrambling stats indicate grooves affected their touch.
Sammies R, um, heavy. Beer is cold and cheap. RT @glanini: R
the pimento sandwiches good? Is there a better deal for draft beer in America?
Any player in field, + invite guests. Johnny Miller, Nathan
Crosby, etc. RT @andrew_long: Who all gets to participate in the par 3 contest?
Women play at #Augusta,
but no tourn. RT @LRD90: What's the origin of tournament's name & R there
any women's tournaments played there?
Rain Thurs. PM. Good weather helps big hitters like Phil and
Ernie. RT @mnmcglynn: Any rain this weekend. if not does it favor any golfer??
Tiger is NOT playing the Par 3 Contest. In the Twitter age,
rumors can fly around fast. RT @Laseranimal: Tiger in or out of the par 3?
No. Good ?'s asked, but TW won't answer all. RT @bule1101:
@GOLFcom_Dusek Did the Golf press embarrass themselves at the press conference?
They're happy bc they won't be asked ?s him much longer. RT
@GolfingLawyer: How have the other players really been reacting to Tiger?
He's used a Nike Victory Red Tour in all practice rounds. RT
@PatrickIsbell: Any sign of the old Dymo driver or is he going with the VR?
@Pjfergie I think he genuine regrets everything and now
realizes how good he had it. He's much more humble.
He wants to move forward… RT @Pjfergie: Is he trying 2
embrace golf atmosphere to disguise himself or does he want to be one of the
Brian Gay (8:12), Martin Kaymer & @geoffogilvy (8:56) RT
@RoddeyPlayerJr: Any candidates to jump out to an early first round lead
Okay, it's 2:00ET, time to start answering your #Masters and
#Augusta questions. Send 'em in and I'll answer.