Angry e-mails ripped Florida state police over handling of Tiger Woods crash

Angry e-mails ripped Florida state police over handling of Tiger Woods crash

Angry e-mailers flooded the Florida Highway Patrol over its investigation of
Tiger Woods's Thanksgiving night single-car accident, in which the
agency was unable to interview Woods or check his post-crash medical
records for evidence of drug or alcohol abuse. According to an
Orlando Sentinel review
, the highway patrol received more than 1,600
mostly critical e-mails about the agency's handling of the Woods case,
which ended with Woods receiving a ticket for careless driving and a
$164 fine. The Orlando Sentinel also reviewed emails that
showed the state police were careful not to publicly disparage Woods,
even to the point of defending him.

Orlando FHP Sgt. Jorge Delahoz wrote a blistering response to a WOFL-Fox 35 news editor who asked whether the highway patrol was giving Woods favorable treatment.
"Your ignorance is incredible, to try to sensationalize the crash," Delahoz wrote the day after the accident. "Nice try! I hope he comes after you for trying to slander him."

Here is a sampling of the e-mails the FHP received about the Woods investigation. You can read some of the original e-mails here.

-You guys look like a bunch of FOOLS! The rich and famous guy makes you look like a squad of Barney Fife's.
-I had no idea that we peons/citizenry could just tell you all police to come back later because we are napping!
-Tiger Woods has made you guys look ridiculous…I've seen better police work by a mall cop.
-If this was an incident with joe average you would not be doing what you are with Tiger Woods. This
person was in an accident that needs answers to and he should be
forthcoming and not hiding behind celebrity status and lawyers.
-It seems unlikely to me that someone who has driven out of his driveway thousands of times would hit a fire hydrant and a tree unless he was under the influence of something that was impairing his ability to
drive. Your handling of this incident reinforces the popular notion that celebrities and people of wealth get special treatment by the police. Shame on you!
-For two days the FHP has attempted to interview Woods and his wife without success. Are you kiddin' me? Ever heard of a subpoena or court order? If this was anyone else they'd be in cuffs and locked-up for not cooperating.

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