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Golf Magazine's Cameron Morfit live-blogged Tiger Woods's statement beginning at 10:30 a.m. Eastern on Friday, February 19. Read the transcript below. Join the conversation that continues here on, and watch the statement on Join the conversation here | Watch the statement on More Tiger Woods: Car Crash Photos | Life in Pictures | SI Covers

11:30: And so the day's strangest media event is over after 20 minutes and a few hugs. So what did we learn? We still don't know when Tiger will come back, which is all 90% of the public cared about going into this thing. The only thing we know is that Woods has been hiding under all that hubris some humility, which is somehow reassuring. I still don't understand the timing of the announcement, and the only thing I learned is that he might write off the entire 2010 season. That would be a shame for the fans, but for Woods, the golf has to come second. Good for him for somehow keeping it together emotionally, more or less, and good for him for being genuinely apologetic. He's got a long way to go. Signing off. 11:18 No timetable for return! Doesn't know! Could be this year! Holy moly. Woods could be out the whole of 2010. So much for the Masters, so much for the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach, the British Open at St. Andrews. What a year it might have been. And now he's done, goodbye, Tiger. 11:10 "It's up to me to start living a life of integrity." True enough. "It's not what you achieve in life that matters, it's what you overcome." Okay, I guess. Now he's apologizing to the kids, to the parents of the kids. Mentions 45-day rehab without specifics about what type of rehab, then says ominously, "I have a long way to go." When will he return???  11:08 A few near-teary moments so far, but now anger. Woods refuting allegations of Elin beating him up with a golf club. Angry Tiger! And now we're back from the anger. "I stopped living by the core values that I believe in," he says. Okay, that's better. "I thought only about myself." "I thought I could get away with whatever I wanted to." "I felt I was entitled." Yes, yes and yes. 11:05 Not hearing anything new so far. Lots of mentions of "behavior" but no specifics on what his plans are. Didn't take long to bring up the foundation, did it? Where is this going? 10:59 Brandel Chamblee makes a good point that the Woods came had to know that the timing of this non press conference would get blowback, coming in the middle of the Accenture. It's just more fodder for those, like me, who think this crisis has been horribly mishandled from the start.    10:54 Interesting comment from DRM about the GWAA boycott: "Woods has no credibility at this point on any subject other than golf. He has been proven to be a fraud. The details of his personal life have been covered in-depth for the last 3 months by the tabloids. Given that no one trusts a word that comes out of his mouth, why exactly do you guys want to ask him questions especially when you already know the answers to 99% of them?"
Good question, and here's the way I'm thinking about this non-boycott boycott of this non-press conference press conference: It's a statement, meant to convey that Woods and his flunkies can no longer set the agenda, can no longer jerk around the press and have us follow along in hopes of any morsels they deign to provide. It's like strenuously arguing a call in the NBA, knowing that you're not likely to get a reversal on that call but that you might get more favorable calls in the future.  10:52 When will Tiger play next? Good question. I would guess Bay Hill, but I would also guess we'll know for sure in about 20 minutes. I'm also guessing we'll know exactly nothing more about that early-morning car crash, the exact state of Tiger's marriage, and many more things. 10:50 svparboy makes this point:"If i had been caught doing what tiger has been caught doing, i would be scared sh*&less about facing a large group of people and trying to explain my actions. he's doing only what any person would want to do – control the environment in which he has to admit he screwed up. all the golf writers should be concerned with is when tiger will play golf next. he's made the golf industry what it is today and that's all that is important – when will he play next?" 10:48 cathy carr said… "The only one who has to forgive Tiger Woods is his wife. He did not cheat on me or you. This is his life and we should not put him under a microscope. He is a great golf player and thats all we need to know and support." Well, I respectfully disagree on this one. If Woods had simply been a golfer, that would be true, but unfortunately he became a worldwide brand. He cultivated the brand, as did those around him, to make hundreds of millions of dollars. That's what's behind the outrage. We all felt duped, and with good reason. 10:39 Just got an e-mail from Durham, N.H. stating the following: "Nick Smith, assistant professor of philosophy at the University of New Hampshire and author of "I Was Wrong: The Meaning of Apologies" (2008, Cambridge University Press) is available to discuss golfer Tiger Woods' anticipated public apology this morning and apologies by public figures in general." That's nice. 10:35 What will Tiger be wearing for golf's fifth major? A suit and tie, one assumes. Please, no corporate logos. Will Friend of Tiger Michael Jordan be there, as rumored? Will MJ wear a suit? 10:32 Golf Channel has produced a slick lead-in to its 30-minute faux pre-game show. Based on everything I'm seeing so far, I'm calling this non press conference golf's fifth major. 10:30 Welcome to the madness, a live blog of a non-press conference thousands of miles away that the Golf Writers Association of America has already boycotted. The immediate response to this apparent first stop on the Tiger Woods apology tour makes me wonder if he hasn't finally run out of goodwill, even among the golf writers and fellow Tour players. The strict guidelines, the timing of his big announcement during the Accenture, it all looked like a terrible false-start. We'll see if the AP report is true, that he's simply headed back to rehab. I keep thinking of an exchange I had with someone recently, can't remember who. Me: Are we killing the golden goose? Friend: No, I think the golden goose pretty much committed suicide.

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