Daily Flogging: Johnny Miller says Tiger's advantage is gone

Daily Flogging: Johnny Miller says Tiger’s advantage is gone

Critics of Tiger Woods generally haven't fared well, whether it's Stephen Ames stating a fact that Woods was driving it poorly (prompting Woods to flatten him 9 and 8 in their match-play meeting), Vijay Singh's caddie wearing a "Tiger who?" cap or an assortment of writers who have announced at various times that Woods is in a slump or splitting from teacher Hank Haney.
Tiger doesn't like anyone putting limits on him or thinking they know more than him. So he's never been a Johnny Miller fan because Miller, NBC's analyst, calls it like he sees it and doesn't just heap accolades on Woods like most of the other TV sycophants. Tiger's opinion of Johnny won't improve now, either. Randall Mell got a few comments from Miller for Golf Channel.com:
“This was a possible magical year,” Miller said. “It could have been the year he got the [Grand] Slam. …  Any advantage he had is pretty much gone now. … He’s
got a lot of pressure on him, I know that. He’s really got to face the
music. He’s got to face it sooner rather than later.”Miller also joined the guess-when-Tiger-comes-back lottery by going with the obvious pick — Bay Hill — because "you know he wants to play for Arnold," Miller told Mell, and Miller added that there's a chance Woods might decide to play the CA Championship at Doral.