Daily Flogging: Parnevik may avoid surgery; Oberholser doesn't

Daily Flogging: Parnevik may avoid surgery; Oberholser doesn’t

The doctor is in. Your official golf medical report:
Jesper Parnevik may be able to avoid surgery for a broken vertebrae, he told the Associated Press one day after telling a Swedish news outlet that it would take a miracle for him to play golf again.
Parnevik’s outlook got more optimistic after he spoke with Gary Gary, a Detroit-based specialist who was recommended by Parnevik’s sister, who once worked with the Detroit Red Wings. Parnevik will meet with Gray in Detroit next week. Parnevik missed the last half of 2009 due to hip surgery, the AP reported.

“It’s painful and all that,” Parnevik said from his home in south
Florida. “The good news is I finally found out what’s been bothering me
the last few years. The good thing is now I can do something about it.
The bad news is I never expected it would be a fractured vertebrae… That I’m going to quit the game and my career is over is not the
case. He was very optimistic that I could back without
having the surgery. I’m going to have to rest for a few months and go
on his workout schedule. I’m going to do everything I can to get back
and hopefully get rid of the stiffness and pain in my back, and play
normal golf.”

PGA Tour player Arron Oberholser underwent surgery on his right hip to repair a torn labrum, Rex Hoggard reported for GolfChannel.com. A former AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am winner, Oberholser is expected to be on crutches for seven weeks. He missed most of the last two seasons due to a left-wrist injury. The surgery was done by Dr. Marc Philippon, who has famously repaired hips for the likes of Greg Norman, Alex Rodriguez and others.
Tom Kite rejoins the Champions Tour this week for the ACE Group Classic in Naples, Fla. Kite had surgery four months ago to repair a torn tendon in his left biceps. Austin’s Statesman.com reported that Kite, 60, issued a statement saying that his shoulder flexibility and strength were about 80-85 percent of normal, and that Chuck Cook, Kite’s swing coach, conceded that Kite’s swing reflected that after they worked together on a launch monitor at the University of Texas Golf Club.

“He was about 10 miles an hour slower with his irons,” Cook said
last week. “Everything about his swing is good, except that it’s short.”

Also teeing it up in Naples is Peter Jacobsen, who has battled a string of ailments ever since he turned 50 six years ago. From Naplesnews.com:

Last year, Jacobsen was knocked out with rotator cuff shoulder
surgery, performed by Naples doctor Michael Havig. That was his 13th
surgery: two hip surgeries and a hip replacement, three knee surgeries
and a knee replacement, and five on his lower back.
“You can either let it frustrate you or motivate you,” Jacobsen said.