Daily Flogging: Tiger Woods to return at match play? Wishful thinking

Daily Flogging: Tiger Woods to return at match play? Wishful thinking

You can blame Mark Hayes in Australia's Herald Sun for the latest Tiger Woods rumor. He writes that Woods "is poised to make a shock return to competitive golf in a fortnight at the Accenture Match Play Championship in Arizona."

Hayes further gushes:

Only a fortnight after allegedly checking into a sex addiction clinic in
Mississippi, the world No. 1 is set to stun the world by returning to
the Dove Mountain course where he made his comeback from knee surgery
last year… Because his
management has gone to ground with its star client, there remains no
official word on Woods' return, but there are strengthening whispers that it will be in the $9.54 million World Golf Championship event… It is also a favourite event for Woods, who has won it in 2003, 2004 and 2008. With
Tiger's eye doubtless still on his quest for majors' history, it's safe
to assume he will not turn up cold at Augusta and give up a chance to
close on Jack Nicklaus's record of 18.

What's wrong with this story? Well, we'll excuse his use of the obsolete word "fortnight" to cultural differences with the Aussies. The question is, what isn't wrong with this story? There isn't a single fact to indicate that Woods is considering playing the Match Play in Tucson, just "strengthening whispers." Which must be Aussie for, "I'm guessing just in case I might get lucky and be right."
Hayes says it is a favorite event for Woods. On the contrary, Woods has made it clear that he doesn't care for 18-hole match play and he especially doesn't care for the courses in Tucson or desert golf in general. Woods has a long memory, and Accenture was one of Tiger's first sponsors to drop him. Yes, he returned at the Match Play last year, but that was when he still played on Accenture's team.
Tucson's Arizona Daily Star was forced to react to the Herald Sun's rumor on Woods and turned up nothing:

"We don't know anything officially yet, but wouldn't that be
nice?" said Wade Dunagan, executive director of the Match Play
event. "It would mean we'd get Tiger on his return two years in a
row. Very cool."

Dunagan, executive director of Match Play, said he's been
swamped with calls about Woods' possible return. "The main question is, 'Do I know anything you don't?' The
answer is no," he said. "We're still a little bit in the dark. I
can't confirm or deny anything because I don't know."

Stay tuned.