Daily Flogging: Kenny Perry says he'll be there for Tiger

Daily Flogging: Kenny Perry says he’ll be there for Tiger

Kenny Perry didn't get the message, being half a world away and all. Thursday is Phil Mickelson Day, not Tiger Woods Day. But Perry, playing in the Qatar
Masters instead of at Torrey Pines, obligingly talked about Tiger when asked by
the Associated Press

Perry said he's got a hug waiting for Woods when he
returns. "I am going to tell him that if he needs to talk to
me in any way I will," Perry said. "That's the way I think we all should be. I am sure he's
had a lot of phone calls and a lot of people trying to get near him, but when
he decides to come back I am going to approach him. The game of golf will go on
with Tiger or without him because there is no man bigger than the game. But I
think Tiger needs to come back. I think you know we are his family, too. So if
he comes back I think he will get a lot of support from the players."