Daily Flogging: Media takes on Tiger’s absence

What do you do when PGA Tour players are tired of talking about the Tiger Woods situation? Todd Leonard of the San Diego Union-Tribune collected Tiger comments from fellow media members in attendance at Torrey Pines. The highlights: Mick Elliott of AOL Sports/FanHouse.com: “I’m terribly disappointed. When Tiger comes back, he better be quite humble. It’s open season. The aura is gone. I think that’s going to be on the golf course and in his treatment by the media… I’m afraid his guard is going to be up more than ever. We’ll never see anything but the plastic Tiger. There were times on occasion when you’d see the real human being. I think it will now be, ‘Just talk to the hand.’ I hope not.” Steve Elling, CBSSports.com: “We all knew the PGA Tour had become something of a one-note opera, and now it’s been hammered home. The one note, in this case, is screeching brakes.” Steve DiMeglio, USA Today: “I don’t think as the majority of people think that Tiger projected this perfect image. I can’t remember seeing his family in any of those advertisements. I don’t think he projected himself as the perfect man.”