Natalie Gulbis's monumental D.C. mistake

Natalie Gulbis’s monumental D.C. mistake

Natalie_wie Poor Natalie Gulbis. One of the pitfalls of the social-media age where we can publish our every thought to the world with one mouse click is that we don't have an editor to protect us from ourselves. Gulbis visited Washington, D.C., with the victorious Solheim Cup team on Tuesday and posted pictures from the trip on her Twitter feed, as almost everyone under the age of 30 does now. One of the pics showed Gulbis and Michelle Wie posing in front of the Washington Monument. However, in her caption, Gulbis wrote, "Michelle and I with Lincoln Memorial in background." The typo was picked up by her Twitter followers (all 30,000-plus of them) and sports blogs. Gulbis had a sense of humor about it, though. She later tweeted, "Oops! Washington Memorial! typed before mind caught up. Sorry!" and "Yes I am blonde."(Photo: Natalie Gulbis)

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