GM to Tiger: No cars for you!

GM to Tiger: No cars for you!

When Tiger Woods drove his Cadillac SUV into his neighbor's front lawn last
month, it wasn't really his Cadillac. The owner of record was General
Motors, which had allowed its former pitchman Woods to use the SUV for
personal use, according to The USA Today's Drive On blog.

That deal is now over, but GM insists it was set to expire on Dec. 31 and is unrelated to Woods' recent scandals. Even though Woods' endorsement contract for GM's Buick brand ended in
2008, Woods had been allowed to use several vehicles, including the
Cadillac SUV and reportedly a Buick Enclave crossover, for his personal
use. But the agreement that allowed the world's richest professional
golfer access to those new vehicles ended Dec. 31, and Buick
spokeswoman Dayna Hart. The agreement was in place before the crash.

If you believe that, I've got a dinged-up Escalade to sell you. No, really.

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