Aussie fans rip no-show Allenby

Anthony Kim must love these guys.

In the midst of Tigermania at the Australian Masters, Peter Hanlon of
The Age newspaper
found "Robbie Rousers," a group of fans who come to
cheer the golf and heckle Australian player Robert Allenby, who
withdrew from this year's event. It's a must-read. Here's Hanlon's description of the
shirts: Beneath
a pair of clinking beer tankards* on the left breast, their mission
was writ large: ''Robert Allenby Cheer-Up Squad.'' On the back,
Allenby's face was superimposed onto a large image of the elusive
children's book character in the red and white hoops, Wally,
carrying a giant dummy under the reworked slogan, ''Where's

Allenby got under Kim's skin after this year's Presidents Cup when he
accused Kim of partying until 4 a.m.
the night before their match. (Kim
won easily.) The guys in the Robert Allenby Cheer-up Squad have a
similar beef with Allenby, according to Hanlon. Their testy relationship with Allenby goes back to The Vines a
couple of years ago. ''He just came over to us on one hole and
said, 'How's the beers working out for you boys?''' one of the
Colins said. ''We were like, 'Yeah, good thanks.' Next hole he
comes over and has another crack: 'Jealousy's a wonderful thing,
isn't it boys?' We all blew up. We followed him for the rest of the
round just giving it to him. My brother's said to him on the par
three, 'Robert! Water on the right mate! Water on the right!' Sure
enough, he's hit it in the piss. Next hole he's walking up the
fairway flipping us [the bird]. His caddie's come over and had a go
at us. He got security involved in the end. We actually didn't say
too much to him, apart from just giving him a bit of heckling after
he started into us. We saw him in the bar afterwards and said,
'Come and have a beer, Rob'. Nah, he was filthy at us. He's just a
miserable so-and-so. Am I allowed to say that?''
*Tankards just means beer mugs. I had to look it up too.Follow Mike Walker on Twitter.

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