Charles Barkley offers advice to Anthony Kim

Charles Barkley may not be the right man to turn to for swing tips, and he's had his share of off-the-course problems, including a DUI arrest last February. Still, Anthony Kim might want to pay attention to Sir Charles's most recent advice. Referring to the Presidents Cup controversy surrounding Kim and his exchange of words with Robert Allenby, Barkley offered a few suggestions this week during an interview with ESPN Radio Dallas: I have become friends with Anthony Kim and I was talking to him the
other day trying to tell him: Let this B.S. with Robert Allenby go.
Nothing good is going to happen if you all are going back-and-forth.
The one thing that I will say about Tiger is that when we go out, he
can drink. He drinks but he never drinks when he has got a tournament.
So I think you distinguish those two. If we are just going to Vegas to
screw around or we are just going around, he might have a couple of
beers or something. If he has got a tournament, he does not drink. …. You can have fun when you are off: Ok, I got a
tournament this week. Tiger won’t even do caffeine the week of a
tournament. He thought that it screwed up his putting stroke. You know
how sometimes caffeine has got you jittery? I mean just simple stuff
like that. (Host: What about sex?) What about sex? I sure hope that
nobody stops that. I hope nobody stops that.”