Tiger 'pumped up' for Prez Cup with Couples, Jordan

Tiger ‘pumped up’ for Prez Cup with Couples, Jordan

For his part, Couples said he played with Woods in three Presidents Cups and that Woods gets a bad rap on the
team-player question.
"It's hard to
critique the best player in the world on every little thing that he
does, and I think what happens is we have had some major talks about a
lot of things with The Presidents Cup, and the easiest way to answer
this is he's a team player," Couples said. "My goal with him is to give
the best guy that feels comfortable so that they can perform, because
Tiger is going to be there. … Tiger doesn't win or lose every match,
but when Tiger
plays well and the other guy doesn't, it's really hard to beat two
guys, no matter who they are. And he's into this. He's definitely
pumped up and he is ready to go, and we'll see what happens, really,
Sunday night." Mark Reason of The Telegraph UK had a thoughtful take on the Woods-as-teammate issue, with an eye toward what it means for the Ryder Cup next year in Wales. (Don't get stuck on Monty's mix-up in the first sentence of the quote; Reason salvages the point for him.)

[Colin] Montgomerie said: "They won with him, they lost without him. You can't
say: 'Damn it, the No. 1 player's not playing', but Tiger in a bad Ryder Cup
will get a minimum of three points. I would rather they had someone who
doesn't get three points."
Much of what Montgomerie said is nonsense. He got the first sentence the wrong
way round, and Tiger does not get you three points in a bad Ryder Cup. Three
points is Tiger's best-ever performance in a Ryder Cup. But Montgomerie was
unusually tongue-tied because he could not say what he really felt on the
matter. He does not want to give Tiger an incentive. He does not want
America to solve the problem.
Pavin has said: "Any time Tiger is paired with someone else, his
influence is diminished. I watched him in 2006 and walked every step of the
way with him the first two days of the matches. I looked into his eyes and I
could see how much he wanted to win."
The problem remains not whether Tiger wants to win, but how to fit him into a
If Couples figures it out this week, Michael Jordan should book his plane ticket to Wales for 2010.Follow Michael Walker Jr. on Twitter.Photo: Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

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