Michelle Wie: Golfer, student.... fashion designer?

Michelle Wie: Golfer, student…. fashion designer?

Michelle-wie-clothes Oh, the things we learn on Twitter. The book of Michelle Wie has been opened on the social-networking site: She's shared her love of basketball, movies and random trivia, and now she has added her passion for fashion to the feed.
She's been tweeting about her blog, "A Black Flamingo," where she has posted several pictures of clothing — some made from scratch, and other items she's purchased and embellished.
She recently wrote on the blog: "My cousin showed me how to use a sewing machine last week and its sooo
awesome! so with my new knowledge, we ran to the fabric store and got
some fabric. i got some leather looking material, black jersery fabric,
and zippperrs. so i made a dress… i feel like with this one, you can
either wear it without anything inside and be uber sexy with the
exposed skin, or you can layer it up.."
So what do you think of her creations? (You can view more on her blog) Is she a budding fashion phenom or should she stick to the links?
Visit her blog and Twitter account.