Harrington says big-name 'casualties' are good for FedEx Cup

Harrington says big-name ‘casualties’ are good for FedEx Cup

Padraig Harrington is an Irishman, but he must appreciate the old
British Navy toast, "To bloody war and quick promotion." He thinks the elimination of big names from the FedEx Cup will attract more fans to golf's playoffs."The
modifications [to the FedEx Cup] are a big improvement," Harrington
said Wednesday at Cog Hill outside of Chicago, site of Round 3 of the FedEx
Cup playoffs.
"I think you've got to perform in the FedEx Cup if you want to win the FedEx Cup, and that's important in any playoff system. Anybody
who's teeing it up in the FedEx Cup can win it, as Heath Slocum is
showing, and that's what you want in a playoff situation."Harrington
himself was a victim of the volatile playoff points system last
year, when the two-time major winner was bounced before
the Tour Championship. No hard feelings — that's what happens in a true
playoff, Harrington said."That's called a playoff, and that's very important, that everybody can win and has a chance
of winning, not just a mathematical chance of winning," Harrington said. "Everybody has a
chance of winning, and also that big-name players get knocked out.
There's no point in having a cutoff if the people that are being put
off aren't some of the marquee players, because that makes it more
exciting. "Whoever plays the best in the FedEx Cup series should win the FedEx Cup. That's really what it should
be. You know, you do want to see a few casualties. That's what TV is about;
you've got to see a few guys knocked out, like I was knocked out last
year," Harrington said.Harrington
must have been channeling his inner Vince McMahon on Wednesday because
he came up with an idea for the $10 million Tour Championship finale
that would make the WWE boss proud."I do believe they should give out the cash on the 18th green," Harrington said. "Just sit
it there just to have a good look at it. It would be great, like the
World Series of Poker. We could take it in a wheelbarrow up to the
clubhouse. Anything that falls out, it's the caddie's." Follow Michael Walker Jr. on Twitter

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