Live 2009 U.S. Open Coverage: Extended Monday Edition

Live 2009 U.S. Open Coverage: Extended Monday Edition

1:50 p.m. One last thing. Reader Doug F. writes: So
this is what passes for U.S. Open Coverage now: Tweets? Why would I
ever come back to your site for golf coverage when this is the quality
of your reporting. Comical.
Doug, come back to later today and you'll find final-round
U.S. Open coverage from the best golf writers in the business: guys
like Michael Bamberger, Gary Van Sickle, Alan Shipnuck, Cam Morfit and
Alan Bastable. The Live Blog is so people stuck at work can have a
little fun following the action. 
OK, I'm done, promise.1:30 p.m. Final leaderboard:1. Glover -4, WINNER

T2. Mickelson -2, F T2. Duval -2, F T2. Barnes -2, FThanks to Brady Riggs, Jon Tattersall, Brian Mogg for their expert analysis, all you commentators–sorry if we frustrated you with the leaderboard updates, you all make the site and we appreciate it. Plus, thanks to's David Dusek and Alan Bastable for on-course updates, and Charlie Hanger and Anne Szeker for making this all work as smoothly as possible. Since this U.S. Open has stretched on longer than the NBA playoffs, it's time to call it a day. You can stay here and talk, but I'm going home. See you at the British Open.1:20 p.m. Your U.S. Open champion is Lucas Glover! The 109th U.S. Open is finally over.1:19 p.m. Glover could easily miss his par putt, can Ricky force a playoff…….no. Just misses.1:17 p.m. Lucas Glover's wife sure has some big sunglasses.1:15 p.m. Ricky Barnes has a makeable birdie putt on 18 after a solid approach. Friend of the Blog and former Tour pro Brian Mogg says Ricky's known as a big-money player.1:13 p.m. Lucas Glover finds the green with his second shot. Could three-putt for the U.S. Open unless Barnes can make birdie.1:12 p.m. Round 4 Leaderboard from the Bizarro U.S. Open:1. Glover -4, thru 17

T2. Mickelson -2, F
T2. Duval -2, F
T2. Barnes -2, thru 171:11 p.m. Lucas Glover finds the fairway on 18. Duval makes par on 18, ties Mickelson at 2-under in the clubhouse. Ricky Barnes, still 2-under, absolutely rips one down the center of the fairway. 1:07 p.m. David Duval misses his birdie attempt right on 18. 1. Glover -4, thru 17

T2. Mickelson -2, F
T2. Duval -2, thru 17

T2. Barnes -2, thru 171:05 p.m. Lucas Glover makes par on 17. Two-shot lead going into final hole.Repeat after me: "Jack Fleck, Andy North, Lee Janzen, Steve Jones, Michael Campbell, Lucas Glover."1:02 p.m. Scoreboard update

1. Glover -4, thru 16

T2. Mickelson -2, F
T2. Duval -2, thru 17
T2. Barnes -2, thru 1612:59 p.m. Glover is safely on the green at 17. Mickelson studied the leaderboard before his birdie attempt and just misses it. Thisclose, as they say. He'll finish at 2-under.Somewhere on Long Island, a private plane leaves for Orlando.12:58 p.m. Duval somehow misses a gimme putt for par on 7 and falls to 2-under. Mickelson has a lot of work left for birdie on 18.12:56 p.m. Brady Riggs emails: It's Glover's to lose. Unfortunately for Glover, Brady sent the same email about Kenny Perry a couple months ago.12:54 p.m. Duval hits a great chip on 17 and should make par. Take me to your leaderboard:1. Glover -4, thru 16

2. Duval -3, thru 16

T3. Mickelson -2, thru 17
T3. Fisher -2, thru 16

T3. Barnes -2, thru 1612:52 p.m. Glover's got an 6-footer on 16 for birdie and it's………….in! One shot lead with two holes to play.12:51 p.m. Phil attempts his Winged Foot exorcism with a great tee shot on 18. 12:50 p.m. Scoreboard update:

T1. Duval -3, thru 16
T1. Glover -3, thru 15

T3. Mickelson -2, thru 17
T3. Fisher -2, thru 1612:48 p.m. Mickelson gives one back on No. 17–not even close with the par save on 17 and he's 2-under.12:45 p.m. Would you have believe this on Thursday?Round 4 LeaderboardT1. Mickelson -3, thru 16
T1. Duval -3, thru 16T1. Glover -3, thru 15

T4. Fisher -2, thru 16
T4. Barnes -2, thru 1512:42 p.m. David Duval makes third birdie in a row on 17–now tied for the lead. 12:39 p.m. Phil is short and in the deep stuff on the par-3 17th.Scoreboard update:T1. Mickelson -3, thru 16
T1. Glover -3, thru 15T3. Duval -2, thru 15

T3. Fisher -2, thru 15

T3. Barnes -2, thru 15
4. Mahan -1, thru 16Nothing to add here.12:35 p.m. Glover makes bogey on 15 and drops to 3-under; Mickelson makes a tough par save on 16. Co-leaders again. Mahan misses his par putt, drops to 1-under. Ricky Barnes is back in the mix with a par on 15, just one back. Soren Hansen is tied with Woods at even as leader in the clubhouse.12:33 p.m. Welcome back, David Duval. He'd be leading this thing if he didn't have so much bad luck early today. Both Phil and Hunter send their birdie attempts past the hole.12:29 p.m. Glover's second shot makes the green at 15. Mahan gets unluckiest break of day on 16; he hits the pin with his approach and rolls across the green and into the rough. Phil makes nice approach. Birdie is possible. 12:26 p.m. Brady Riggs can't believe Fisher ran his putt over Duval's marker on 15: Junior golfer mistake hitting the coin for Fisher. What a bonehead move!12:24 p.m. Good drives from Mickelson and Mahan on 16. Scoreboard update:
Glover -4, thru 14

Mickelson -3, thru 15

Fisher -3, thru 14

Mahan -2, thru 15

Barnes -2, thru 1412:22 p.m. Fisher's putt actually hits Duval's marker and land short. Now 3-under, Fisher will give at least one back. Then Duval makes his putt for a birdie on 15 and he's now 2-under!
BTW, disappointing finish for Live Blog favorite Adam Scott. After a good
first two rounds, he finished 8-over after a 5-over final round. Kate Hudson's new nickmame should be "Kryptonite Kate." Scott's game
goes in the tank and then he's spotted on the beach with Hudson. Her
new boyfriend Alex Rodriguez is batting .212. And don't even get me
started on the Black Crowes. 12:20 p.m. Ross Fisher has long putt on 15 for par. Lucas Glover starts the crucible (No. 15) with a drive that ends up in the right rough, not the deep stuff and he could get to the green from there.12:18 p.m. Reader Ann writes: Plenty of time yet for Phil to choke, as usual…Yup, plenty of time for a lot of chokes.12:17 p.m. Glover should make par on 14 and be alone on top of the leaderboard at 4-under. He's still got to play 15, Miller reminds us.12:14 p.m. Mahan (2-under) makes e par on 15, the crucible of Bethpage Black. Phil  makes bogey. Glover's tee shot to the collar on par-3 14th. Don't get on the plane yet, Tiger. Just in case.12:11 p.m. Scoreboard upate:Mickelson -4, thru
Glover -4, thru 12 Fisher -3, thru 13 Mahan -2, thru 1412:05 p.m. Fisher makes another par at 15. Glover makes par on 13, but Johnny and Rog don't like Glover not taking a run at birdie.12:01 p.m. David Duval (even) sticks his tee shot on the pitch-and-putt 127-yard 14th to about three feet. Co-leader Glover (4-under) going after birdie on 13.11:59 a.m. Phil catches a break in the rough on his tee shot at 15. Johnny Miller says if Phil can par 15, he'll win the U.S. Open.11:56 a.m. Glover finds the right rough on his tee shot at 13, and hacks it out to the fairway on his second shot.11:55 a.m. Ross Fisher makes eagle on 13, now 3-under. Just one back of the lead. 11:54 a.m. Phil and Mahan make pars on the par-3 14th. [UPDATE: Originally had "birdies" here. Sorry, even the Live Blog isn't immune to Phil fever.]Reader Mike wants a Ross Fisher update: how's Fisher doing?Wow, a Ross Fisher fan. Mike, did you go to college with Ross? He's 1-under through 12, still in the hunt and it looks like he can handle the U.S. Open pressure. 11:50 a.m. Co-leader Mickelson (4-under)will get another look at birdie on 14 after hitting his tee shot to about 15 feet. Mahan (2-under) misses right and has a tough-looking lie in the rough. At the Live Blog, we say Mickelson isn't just momentum player, he's a toboggan.11:47 a.m. Reader Pete needs a DD update: I was hoping David Duval would finish strong. What's happening? Is he melting down?The second-best story of this Open is even par. He's had an uneven round but keeps getting up off the canvass. Just like his career. 11:42 a.m. Eagle for Phil and he's tied for the lead at 4-under. He's the only guy making things happen out there. Sweet chip from fringe by Hunter Mahan,but he misses the birdie putt. Still 2-under.11:40 a.m. Phil makes awesome approach on 13 and has a very makeable eagle putt. "Phil is driving the bus," Johnny says. Is he ever!Your leader in the clubhouse: Tiger Woods, even par. Time to start working on those iron shots for Turnberry.11:39 a.m. Reader Steve sounds like a Hunter Mahan fan: ANYONE BUT PHIL!!!! LET'S GO, ANYONE!!!! TAKE IT FROM THE MEDIA DARLING!!!!11:36 a.m. Our pal in SoCal Brady Riggs emails: Tiger should fire his putter. It has kept him from winning this week. 11:34 a.m. Glover not even close with a somewhat makeable birdie putt on 11. Barnes falls to 2-under. The champ looks likely to come from the Mahan/Mickelson pairing, not the last group.11:30 a.m. Tiger misses his birdie putt on 17. Mickelson makes an incredible birdie on 12. Phil is just two shots back.11:29 a.m. Brady Riggs doesn't want a Thursday playoff: This Monday finish is brutal. I can't take 4 days of Johnny Miller let alone 5. 11:25 a.m. Switching over to NBC's coverage. Tiger just stuck his tee shot on 17 and is looking at birdie. Of course he did.11:24 a.m. Monster tee shot from Phil on 12, 20 yards past Mahan. "He turned it into a birdie hole," Johnny says. Mahan's approach catches the fringe; Phil makes the green but faces a longish putt for birdie. Barnes' round is getting hard to watch. Before Barnes' tee shots, ESPN should flash a "Contains images that may be disturbing for some viewers" warning.11:20 a.m. Glover makes another par on 10. That's the way to do it. Woods (even) misses his birdie putt on 16 and makes par. Just two holes left.Michael Sim (5-over) got the unlucky pairing with Woods today. Angel Cabrera was p.o.'d this week by all the distractions of playing with
Tiger's gallery–the noise, the fans moving off to Tiger's ball before
you hit, the photographers. Tiger's used to it and turns it into a
homefield advantage. One of the main reasons that no one paired with
him in the final pair in a major has ever beaten him. Does Tiger get
distracted? No. He's known to brush past his mother during a tournament
and not acknowledge her.11:14 a.m. Mahan birdies 11 to get to 2-under. Does Glover hear the footsteps?Reader 4Checker asks: If there's a playoff they will play that this afternoon (weather permitting)?Yes, 18-hole playoff, this afternoon. If they didn't have time, or if it rains again, a playoff could be pushed to tomorrow, but I imagine they'd play in a monsoon to get this finished today.11:13 a.m. Mickelson takes a good run at birdie with a long putt on 11. Still at 1-under.11:07 a.m. Your leader Lucas Glover (4-under) finds the fairway on 9 with his tee shot. I don't know if he'll win the tournament, but I'd buy insurance from Glover. He's got a very honest, decent look to him.11:05 a.m. Tiger isn't even close on his par putt on 15 and is back to even. Four back with three left. What number will win this tournament? "I'd take 3-under and enjoy the carnage," Brady Riggs says.11:01 a.m. Mahan three-putts 10 for bogey after reaching in regulation; Mickelson saves par from the deep weeds. Both now 1-under, along with Woods. Leader Glover is 4-under. Holy moly!11 a.m. Sorry, NBC coverage doesn't start until 11:30 a.m. 10:57 a.m. Henrik Stenson is the leader in the clubhouse at 1-over after a 68 today. No. 15 has been giving Woods trouble all week and he bounces it past the green. Mickelson makes a recovery from the rough on 19 that only he can make and should save par. One of the all-time great short games.10:55 a.m. Phil misses his approach short and right on 10. Good driver for Tiger on 15. Barnes and Glover are making a mess of nine.TV coverage is going to switch to NBC at 11 a.m. so Friend of the Blog Dick Friedman is going to enjoy these last fleeting moments of Andy North.When ESPN gives way to
NBC, Andy North will vanish from the telecast. I wish that were not so. He and
Johnny work very well off of each other.  Three U.S. Open wins between
10:51 a.m. Keep in mind that No. 18 is playing on 354 yards today. Should be an exciting finish.10:50 a.m. Lucas Glover, leading by 2, hits his tee shot in the right rough. Brady Riggs says, "For the first time this week, it's starting to feel like a U.S. Open."10:45 a.m. Pulled putt, another bogey for Barnes on No. 8. As CNBC's Maria Bartiromo would say: Sell Barnes, buy Mahan. Leader Glover (5-under) notches his third straight par. If he keeps this up, Tiger and Phil will run out of holes despite any heroics. 10:40 a.m. Woods on 14, the 127-yard par 3. Sticks it to about 3 feet. This is Tiger, circa 2009. the ultimate grinder. Phil is a thrilling player; Tiger is just relentless. He's kills like a boa constrictor, slowly increasing the pressure.10:37 a.m. Tiger misses eagle putt on 13, tap-in birdie and back to even. Phil birdies 9 and is 1-under. NBC reports that Tiger spent a couple minutes studying the leaderboard. Guaranteed, the smartest guy in golf knows the number he needs for a playoff. 10:35 a.m. Phil sticks his approach on No. 9 and has good look at birdie to get back under par.10:33 a.m. Glover makes another par on 7; Barnes misses his par putt. The new leader is Lucas Glover. Duval makes birdie on the par-3 eighth, now even. Wild round for DD. Wild career too.10:31 a.m. Tiger will have an eagle putt (1-over) on 13. Hmmmm. Rory McIlroy–now 1-under–is 3-under for the day.10:28 a.m. Phil makes par on No. 8 in pinstripe pants he must have borrowed from Derek Jeter. Barnes finds the bunker on his approach; Glover is on the green.10:27 a.m. Brady Riggs emails: If anyone should know about Barnes' left-to-left tee shots it's Johnny Miller. 10:24 a.m. Hunter Mahan drops a shot on 8, now 2-under and three back. Despite the dark clouds, Hunter is wearing sunglasses. Does he weat them at night too? 10:21 a.m. The leaders–both 5-under–tee off on 7. Both make good drives, a sure relief for Barnes.10:19 a.m. Weir pulls a very makeable putt on 8 and is back to 1-under. Barnes escapes the rough and may make bogey. Duvall gets a mud ball that he hits into the trees–Johnny adds it's a "skanky looking swing." Stuff like mud balls and plugged bunker lies will loom large, according to Brady Riggs."Duval should have brought a rabbit's foot. Luck will play a major role today," Brady says. 10:13 a.m. Mickelson (1-over) left himself 10 feet for par on 7 and makes bogey; another par for Mahan (3-under).SoCal teaching pro and Friend of the Blog Brady Riggs says that Phil will look back at No. 4 if he can't pull this out.Mickelson really needed to capitalize on the Par 5 4th. He is too far back to make par on a hole he could putt for eagle.10:08 a.m. Ricky Barnes finds the deep rough left again with his tee shot on 6. Glover is OK.Must be hard for Barnes not to think about the key benefit of
winning a U.S. Open: Jasper Parnevik introduces you to his Swedish
nanny.10:05 a.m. Glover and Barnes make impressive bogeys on 5, but their scores are inching closer to the pack. 10 a.m. Barnes muffs one from the rough. Glover takes an unplayable from a buried bunker lip lie. Mike Weir's back to 2-under. If the leaders fall back, there are guys in that even to 3-under range.Live Bethpage report from Golf Magazine's Alan Bastable:There's a palpable tension in the air this morning at
B-page, but also the unmistakable stench of trampled mud and hay. Smells like a horse race not a golf tournament.
Yup, I was there for Thursday's downpour and ended up smelling like a wet dog. 9:55 a.m. Bogey for Mickelson on 6, now 1-under. Barnes and Glover in trouble. Marty writes: Regarding the Jackie's Bar and Grill, if you have a short lunch just get it to go and ask the psychic who is going to win! Get this man a live blog.9:53 a.m. Tiger's gallery should come with a rating, PG-13 (language).9:49 a.m. Bogey for Tiger Woods on No. 10–1-over, eight shots back. Phil takes an unplayable–that is, penalty stroke, he gets to drop. That sound you heard was the channel switch heard round the world. Meanwhile, Mahan is stepping up with a sweet approach on 6. Could be another birdie and then Barnes will have to be very steady.9:46 a.m. Hunter Mahan gives one back on No. 5. Back to 2-under. Fisher is 3-under, but in trouble. Phil puts his tee shot in the bushes on 6. Uh-oh!Still need a lunch spot to watch the finish?'s David Dusek recommends this joint on Long Island. Get your palm read too. Open_bar 9:38 a.m. Reader DP informs me that "Bennigans has been out of business for months. May want to put the golf clubs down and read a paper." Worst news since the Ground Round went under. Phil Mickelson makes par on No. 5. Sounds like Long Island fans are in the throes of a Phil man-crush.9:35 a.m. No birdie from Tiger on No. 9 either. He's seven back at the turn. Johnny Miller says Tiger will have to sink everything from here on it. The wheels might be coming off for Glover as he hit his tee shot on 4 way left. Duval recovers from triple with a birdie on 4. What happens to these guys in the final round of a U.S. Open. Brian Mogg explains:There's a phenomenal difference mentally between playing in a U.S. Open
and a regular Tour event. The consequences of missing the fairway are
so severe. On the tee you're thinking things like:
"Short-left is dead, short-right is dead, if I miss I can only miss long right."
If you have 10 thoughts in your head at a regular event, you have 50
thoughts in your head at a U.S. Open. That's when guys start panicking
and think: "
I don't know if I can get the ball in the fairway." You think that and you'll be 6-over in 6 holes.9:29 a.m. Par for Barnes, bogey for Glover, and Barnes is now alone in the lead. Friend of the Blog and Nike teaching guru Jon Tattersall says that darkness might have saved Barnes yesterday.The horn to suspend play could not have come at a better
time on Sunday night for Ricky Barnes. He looked shaky for the first
time, can he regroup and remember that he hit a couple of hooks earlier
in the day and fought back? The delay was almost like a timeout during
a basketball game (which he needed).
9:25 a.m. Hunter Mahan is a stud. Puts his bunker shot on No. 4 close and he'll be 3-under. Mickelson manages to save par.If Glover and Barnes fall apart, Top 100 Teacher Brian Mogg likes Mahan to win:He showed a lot of maturity in the Ryder Cup last year and he's a guy you know will play solid in a big tournament. 9:20 p.m. Duval makes triple (!), Ross Fisher (2-under) par. Mickelson is trouble on 4, will need to get up-and-down from plugged bunker lie for par.9:18 a.m. David Duval won't be two-under for long. Plugged bunker lie will likely lead to double.9:16 a.m. Tiger will make par on No. 8 after his long putt stopped a little short. NBC says the greens are faster today, which Tiger will like.Don't expect wild, raucous crowds this morning. It takes about 90 minutes–at least–to get to the course from NYC's Penn Station. Those galleries are tired. Plus, no beer sales till 11 a.m. Maybe we'll hear a cheer. Here's what Fred Funk (10-over) had to say about the Bethpage crowds:If you had a tape recorder and you taped them and played them back when
they were sober they would probably think how much of a (jerk) they are
but they don't seem to really care.
9:11 a.m. Tiger Woods is on the green but has longish putt on the par-3 eighth. Pair of pars on No. 2 for Glover and Barnes.Brian Mogg, aka the Live Blog's Johnny Miller, on what Glover and/or Barnes need to do to win:They need to play the golf course and think shot to shot. They need to
avoid playing against each other–which could lead to a lot of
bogey-bogey holes– and they need to avoid thinking about the trophy
and what a U.S. Open win would mean to them. If they can do that, it's
100 percent certain that one of them will win. Their lead is that big.
9:10 a.m. Par on No. 2 for Barnes. 16 more to go. Mickelson and Mahan both make pars in 3.9:05 a.m. And they're off: Great recovery shot from Ricky Barnes. Good approach from Lucas Glover. Good tee shot from Mickelson and Mahan (2-under). Yeah, these guys are good.9:00 a.m. Already got some good comments and predictions in the comments. We talked to Golf Mag Top 100 Teacher Brian Mogg, who played in the 2002 U.S. Open, what to expect this morning:If either Lucas Glover or Ricky Barnes plays well, it's a two-man race, and Lucas Glover has the edge
experience-wise and he's the better player. Still Ricky is a special
player and he plays big on bog stages. He's won the US Amateur, he's
been low amateur at the Masters. It's not out of the question that he
shoots 72 or 73 and wins. Tiger or Phil would have to go crazy low to
beat that.
8:55 a.m. Here's the TV schedule for today: 9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. ESPN; 11:30 a.m. – Finish NBC. Unless we have a playoff–ugh!–this should finish around 12:30 p.m., so if you're at the office, it might be a good day for an early lunch at Bennigan's. 8:53 a.m. ESPN's Rick Reilly is a smart, funny guy, but he's got a little bit of a hostage-reading-captors'-demands vibe on camera.8:50 a.m. Bethpage weather report from's David Dusek:It doesn't appear that Bethpage Black received any more rain overnight, but the wind has picked up this morning. It's from the north, the non-prevailing direction, but not steady. Walking around, you feel a gust here, then just a lkight breeze followed by another gust, so players are going to have their hands full with it.8:45 a.m. Welcome back to's Live Blog of the 109th U.S. Open, where we just try to hit fairways and greens. The guys on the course start at 9 a.m. and we'll be with you to the finish. Got something to say? Let us know if the comments below.