What to Watch For: Friday at the McDonald's LPGA Championship

What to Watch For: Friday at the McDonald’s LPGA Championship

Did you see one of the names at 68
after the first round of the McDonald's LPGA Championship? Miss Aree Song, twin
sister of Naree, checking in, for the first time in long time. She posted a
good-looking four under card that included a bogey on the par-5 11th. Talk about
your blasts from the past! True, Aree is only 23, but she's been a brand-name
golfer for a decade. Last year, fighting various maladies including burnout, she
played in only seven events and made just two cuts. But you can't just come out
of nowhere and shoot 68 on a demanding course like Bulle Rock without some
serious talent, which she's always had. Aree Song doesn't have to win or even
come close to winning to take her first big step back into mainstream women's
golf. If she could play the next three rounds in par or better, that would be an
important first step. In any event, I'll be eager to see what she does in Round
2 on Friday. She's bound too be nervous. On the plus side, she's only