Michelle Wie is the LPGA's Phil Mickelson

Michelle Wie is the LPGA’s Phil Mickelson

The Newark Star-Ledger's Steve Politi nails it: Michelle Wie can't be
the LPGA's Tiger Woods because she already is the LPGA's Phil
Mickelson, at least the pre-2004 Masters Phil.
Think about it: Massively talented, adored by fans while generating
mixed feelings among fellow pros, capable of an amazing, tell-your-friends-about-it birdie or a what-was-she-thinking bogey on virtually every hole. The only thing Wie's
missing is the white belt.
Politi followed Wie at last weekend's Sybase Classic in Clifton, N.J.,
and noted that the parallels between Wie and Mickelson are
unmistakable. She signed a massive contract with Nike just like Tiger Woods,
attends Stanford like Woods did and someday wants to break down
barriers like the most dominant player in her sport.
But right now? Michelle Wie sure has a lot more Phil Mickelson in her game than Tiger.

That was the feeling Sunday afternoon watching
her at the Sybase Classic. Wie attracted the largest gallery, just like
Phil does when he comes to the area. She had the longest drives and
made some of the most spectacular shots, just like Phil does any time
he tees it up.
She also had a couple of unthinkable miss-hits and questionable
decisions — as you-know-who so often does — to turn what could have
been a breakthrough performance into another near miss.
Politi predicts that Wie will win a tournament once she learns to
value consistency over the sublime, but let's hope she keeps some Mickelsonian sparkle to her game. Lord knows, professional golf already
has enough grinders.More from GOLF.com on Michelle Wie | Photos: Wie's career

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