Jack Nicklaus: Tiger Woods will 'probably' break my record

Jack Nicklaus: Tiger Woods will ‘probably’ break my record

Tiger Woods has a warehouse full of trophies, a gorgeous wife, two
beautiful children
and a bank account the size of a small nation's GNP. But Jack Nicklaus still has something Woods wants: a record 18
major championships. (Woods probably wouldn't mind having Jack's
full head of hair, either, but that's another story.)
Despite Woods's recent post-surgery struggles, even the
ultracompetitive Nicklaus thinks Woods will break the record. In an
interview with Sky Sports (UK)
, Nicklaus said that Woods will find his
toughest challenges from today's rising young stars like Rory McIlroy
and Anthony Kim, but that he likely will surpass Nicklaus's 18 major wins if his balky left knee cooperates."Tiger is probably not back at this point. He's still winning or getting real close, but he's not playing his best," [Nicklaus] said in an exclusive interview."When he gets to his best he's going to be tough again because he's a great player."When asked if Woods will surpass his 18 majors, he replied; "I think he probably will."His work ethic is good enough and he's young enough. He certainly should pass that. But he's had four operations on the knee. He's had to change his swing, he's struggling with other things. You just don't know."I would suspect he would and I hope that I'm around to congratulate him when he does." More on Tiger from GOLF.comInteractive Graphic: Tiger Woods vs. Jack Nicklaus | Tiger Tracker

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