Live Blogging Round 4 of the 2009 Masters

8:00 p.m.We're breaking it down here at Masters Live Blog headquarters but please keep posting your comments and headlines below. Special thanks to Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Brady Riggs, fellow live bloggers Connell Barrett and Alan Bastable, and to all of you who posted comments and read this thing.I just want to respond to one more comment. Reader Steve didn’t like when I said fan-favorites Rocco Media and Freddie Couples were the “anti-Vijay.” All I meant was that the fans don’t really embrace Vijay, at least not to the extent his record deserves. I actually like Vijay. Even though he’s famously tight-lipped with the media, he’s not nasty about it. Sometimes he’s even funny. Here’s an example:Reporter: Vijay, can I ask you a question?Vijay: OKReporter: How is your knee after your surgery?Vijay: That’s two questions. [Vijay walks away]See you at the U.S. Open.7:53 p.m.Reader GolfFan posts: CBS's coverage of the 2009 Masters was the Phil-Tiger show. No one saw Shingo's tee shot on 16 land in the hole and bounce out. I hope the Master's have some footage of Cabrera's round for the DVD sales of the 2009 Masters. CBS spent 47 seconds showing the guy who finished 4th (Shingo), but 4 hours showing the guys who finished 5th and 6th (Phil & Tiger). CBS should be ashamed!I'm sympathetic to the all-Tiger-all-the-time complaint but I can't fault CBS for focusing on Tiger and Phil making birdies today, especially when golf fans have been waiting for this showdown for a decade. Perry and Campbell were well-covered, especially on the back nine. Cabrera really came out of nowhere at the end, but I never felt like I didn't know where he was at. Shingo fans probably should attend tournaments he plays in.7:52 p.m.Reader Juan Pablo has a candidate for the Masters headline contest: Don't cry for me, USA! We'll keep the polls open a little longer though.7:50 p.m.Reader Joi writes: I think Cabrera is the best golfer of all times. He will pass Jack Nicklaus with 20 majors and 100 wins in about 5 years. Watch my word, Cabrera will win every tournament he enters!!!!Joi, thank you for your application to be a contributor to's PGA Tour Confidential. We'll be in touch.7:45 p.m.Well, another Masters is in the record books. Overall grade B+. The weather was great, the players posted scores, and Tiger and Phil added some star-charged drama to the final day. The only real negative was the stumble home by the leaders. The next major is the U.S. Open at long and mean Bethpage Black and Cabrera, a.k.a. "the Strongest Man in Golf," will be a contender.7:38 p.m.Reader Duke Levin post: Worst choke i've seen in 65 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hey, Greg Norman considers that an insult!7:35 p.m.Reader G Player emails: Angel Cabrera has the best swing in golf.7:30 p.m.Kenny Perry tells CBS Sports says he's got a "firing mechanism" with his right hand that comes out in high pressure situation. "I'm not going to hand my head. I played hard today."He graciously said of Cabrera. "I'm proud of him."Brady Riggs says that Kenny Perry was the best player for 70 holes, but that Cabrera played them all.If they make a movie out the Angel Cabrera story, casting is a no-brainer.Angel_cabrera_md  Tony  7:20 p.m. Perry misses on the low side. Two bites of the cherry for Cabrera. He misses by a couple feet and then makes the near tap-in and wins the green jacket. Is the Butler Cabin smoke-free? Angel may need one after this.7:19 p.m.Kenny Perry chips on but is still far from the hole. Good Faldo line: Perry could give Cabrera "two bites at the cherry."7:14 p.m.Kenny Perry goes way left on No. 10. He's way right and short and will have a nasty third shot. Cabrera finds the green under the hole. Brady Riggs says Cabrera must feel like he got a death row pardon on No. 18 in regulation.7:12 p.m.Good drives from both Cabrera and Perry. You could lay a towel over them in the fairway–if you carried a really big towel. Golf Mag's Brady Riggs says that No. 10 sets up well for Perry.7:09 p.m.Campbell just misses his par putt and only Perry and Cabrera will go onto 10. Brady Riggs on the Master Live Blog Hotline: "Chad needs a cocktail after that. He has a green jacket if he could have putted better."7:08 p.m.Campbell has a nice bunker shot and a very makeable par putt. Cabrera makes his par. We're going to No. 10 with at least two.7:06 p.m.Kenny Perry hits a Masters-ful chip [Editor's note: Yuck!] and he'll have a gimme for par.7:05 p.m.Cabrera sticks his wedge to about 8 feet. Golf is such a strange game. A minute ago he looked totally out of this thing.7:00 p.m.Cabrera gets out into the fairway after being stuck behind a tree that looks like its been here since before the Civil War. He'll have a wedge in. Kenny Perry lands his approach short of the green and right. Advantage Campbell, who proceeds to put his approach in the right greenside bunker. 6:57 p.m.Good tee shots on 18 by Perry and Campbell. Not so good for Cabrera. "Cabrera is hosed," Brady Riggs says. "Campbell had an A+ drive, and Perry might have righted the ship with his."6:54 p.m.Nick Faldo says he played Sting before his Masters playoff, probably "Don't Stand So Close to Me." Greg Norman listened to "King of Pain" before his.6:53 p.m.The sudden-death playoff will start on No. 18, which as the prescient Brady Riggs said before, does not set up well for Perry's draw. If you can't see it on TV, we'll have every stoke here in the live blog. Also, if you're on a ship in the Atlantic and can't get the Internet, we have an intern sending out a Morse code signal.6:50 p.m.Perry misses, Cabrera makes it and we have a three-man playoff. Maybe Cabrera will get another
chance to channel his inner Larry Mize. The "Kenny Perry wins Masters" headline contest is in serious jeopardy. We'll accept Cabrera and Campbell headlines, although anyone who sends in "Campbell is 'Mmmmm Good" will be automatically disqualified.6:44 p.m.Brady Riggs: "Tiger, Vijay and O'Meara all made Perry's putt to win."6:43 p.m.Cabrera can't channel his inner Larry Mize and leaves his chip short. Will have a nice look at par.6:41 p.m.CBS Sports Jim Nantz: "Kenny Perry was born in a small town. And Kenny Perry lives in a small town. Kenny Perry will probably die in a small town, and that's good enough for him." Decent chip gives Perry a chance at par.6:38 p.m.Angel Cabrera lands his approach just short of the green, missing a chance to putt pressure on Perry. Damn Nicorette! Perry hooks his shot from the white-as-snow bunker way left and way short. Would you rather be Campbell or Perry right now? I say Campbell, but Cabrera in a playoff.6:35 p.m.Your leader in the clubhouse? Chad Campbell, who finishes at 12-under. If he loses by one, he'll think about those putts on 15 and 16 for awhile.6:34 p.m.Perry's tee shot finds the left fairway bunker, which is why we give Brady Riggs the Masters Live Blog Hotline Number.  6:33 p.m.Brady Riggs: This is not a drawer's tee shot.6:30 p.m.Kenny Perry makes bogey on No. 17. One-stroke lead going into 18 over Campbell and Cabrera. Can't call this one yet. In fact, JWray has a stronger lead on the headline contest with "Yes We Ken."6:28 p.m.As much as we all want to see Tiger and Phil duel for the tournament, the Masters is always great whether the champ is Zach Johnson or Jack Nicklaus. The reason is the course. You know every hole. As great as the U.S. Open is, when Tiger's on 13 at Torrey Pines or Bethpage Black, I don't automatically know the tee shot and approach he needs. At Augusta, we all know on every hole, which makes watching it so great. Brady Riggs on the Masters Live Blog Hotline: "Perry is getting a little sloppy. Two pars and he had a green jacket. Maybe only one."6:20 p.m.Shingo Katayama sinks his birdie putton No. 18 for 10-under. Phil can go home now and start thinking about the U.S. Open at Bethpage. I like Shingo's disco cowboy hat. These young guys are bringing back the days when golfers dressed like pimps.6:14 p.m.Brady Riggs on the Masters Live Blog Hotline: " Bogey-free round for Perry. This is a dream day for someone holding the lead in the final round. Chad could have threatened but those were big putts to miss on 15 and 16."Birdie-birdie for Angel and Perry on No. 16. Perry has two-shot lead with two to play. This is Perry's tournament to lose. 6:12 p.m.Ouch! Chad Campbell misses a must-make birdie putt on 16, while Kenny Perry almost jars his tee shot on 16. Might be time for a "Kenny Perry wins Masters headline contest." Winner as always get a baseball cap. Here's one to get you started: "Kenny kills Masters."6:05 p.m.Kenny Perry makes a nice lag putt on No. 15 and then gets his birdie and pole position for the green jacket. Brady Riggs is on the Masters Live Blog hotline: "Perry said his speed on the greens has been great all week. That was the test. And he passed."6:04 p.m.Tiger Woods' chip falls on No. 16 for birdie after hanging on the edge for what seemed like an eternity. Can you believe how totally awesome he is?!!?!?! [Editor's note: We've decided to switch to a replay of the 2005 Masters Live Blog.]5:59 p.m.Reader Wiskokidd217 brings some perspective to the Tiger Woods discussion: Tiger is golfer. He is not here to facilitate world peace. He is a hell of rep for the game of golf.5:55 p.m.Kenny Perry (12-under) is in the fairway on No. 15 and Chad Campbell (12-under) makes birdie on 15. Here's Golf Magazine's Brady Riggs: "We're looking at a three horse race. Perry looks good to hold on. Only a major mistake at 15 or 16 can beat him unless Campbell eagles 15."5:50 p.m.Phil tells CBS Sports he doesn't expect to win at 9-under: "Right now, no, these guys are too good," Mickelson said. "I'm not going to leave though."5:48 p.m. No disrespect to Cabrera, Campbell or Perry, but this is a little like watching an episode of Life on Mars after Lost.5:45 p.m. Tiger tells CBS Sports that he had his worst warmup session ever this morning and that the entire day was a struggle. "My number was 11," Woods said of the score he needed to win today. "If I kept up my end of the bargain, I thought I'd be all right." That's probably the number that will win the tournament because Tiger's the smartest man in golf. But for now, as Tiger said to CBS Sports, See you, Dude.5:39 p.m.We're still waiting for Phil and Tiger's Duel in the Sun, but today was a nice appetizer. Phil bogeys to finish 9-under. Woods bogeys too and finishes at 8-under. Phil is the leader in the clubhouse. It's going to a quiet plane ride back to Orlando. 5:36 p.m.Great recovery shot from Tiger, he should save par on 18 and finish at 9-under. Perry three-putts on No. 13 and makes par, still 11-under; Mickelson gets cute with a flop on 18 and leaves himself a tough putt.5:33 p.m.Tiger and Phil are in meltdown mode on No. 18. Tiger hits it right at a tree on his second and may be taking his third shot from the par 3 course. Phil is short of the green on his second shot. Meanwhile Perry has a birdie putt for 11-under.Reader Kenny asks: Where are all those Tiger-haters who were complaining about the Tiger coverage yesterday?Kenny, they found a different web site to follow the action on. 5:24 p.m.Tiger bogeys No. 17 and falls to 9-under, pretty much ending his chances. Mickelson misses a makeable birdie and makes par, still 10-under. Reader God writes: Wait a minute, this isn't the script I approved.5:14 p.m. Reader Wiskokidd217 is going to be disappointed. He wonders: Is golf porn a specific term I should know about?Nah, it's just means that some guys love golf so much that they'd rather look at diagrams of pin placements on the Augusta National course than pictures of naked women. That said, Gisele Bundchen could walk naked across the 17th green right now and no one would notice.Kenny Perry has birdied 12. The leader is now 12-under.5:13 p.m.Say what you want about reader JJ but he can admit when he's wrong: Phil heard what I said about him, and he thought "I'm not going to take crap from you JJ" Touche Phil, ToucheSometimes it does feel like it's just Phil and JJ out there.5:11 p.m.Birdie for Tiger on 16; par for Mickelson. They're tied at 10-under, both one back of Kenny Perry, who's can't catch a break on the greens despite hitting some nice-looking birdie attempts. Nobody does drama like Woods. He keeps raising the stakes for everyone in sports. This is his first major since Torrey Pines!Sports Illustrated's Damon Hack checks in with our first report from the course: "Crazy crowd out there. Amy Mickelson is in the gallery watching Phil. Phil Knight and a bunch of Nike honchos (dressed in red shirts of course) are shadowing Tiger. Loud as heck. Crowd started pretty divided at the start then went to Phil big-time on 5 green. They've stayed mostly pro-Phil since. Did I say loud as heck? Best atmosphere in years here. Two heavies throwing haymakers. Loud galleries. Billy Payne has brought back the Masters."If you're not jealous enough of Damon for getting to be out there today, he won the press-room lottery and gets to play the course tomorrow. 5:04 p.m.Tiger and Phil both go after the flag on No. 16. Tiger is inside 5-feet; Mickelson about 10 feet away.4:58 p.m.Phil misses his four-footer for eagle, and makes birdie to get to 10-under. Tiger makes his birdie too, he's 9-under. It will never be easy with Phil.4:55 p.m.Tiger makes a brilliant approach for great look at eagle on No. 15; then Phil sticks his even closer than Tiger! Phil will be putting from 4 feet for a share of the lead, I think my head is going to explode.My partner in live-blogging Connel Barrett texts: "Holy Ph—. To quote David Fehery, 'My flabber is completely gasted.'"4:50 p.m.Reader Foo likes Phil gun-slinging ways, even if he makes the occasional double-bogey: cardinal schmin. Hard to take the layup when you're sinking all your 3 pointers.4:48 p.m.Phil (9-under) and Tiger (8-under) make pars on 14. Perry is still leading at 11-under–no movement from the leaders–so Tiger and Phil are right there. John Merrick is the leader in the clubhouse at 8-under.Here's some golf porn for you, the official Augusta National back-nine pin positions today:Pin_place1 Pinplace2 4:40 p.m.Chad Campbell hits his approach to No. 10 on a fairway as deserted as it will be for the media rounds tomorrow. (There's a lottery for 20 or so slots in the press room). Hard to blame the fans for ignoring the leaders and packing into Amen Corner for Phil and Tiger. You'd have to be related to Perry, Campbell or Cabrera not to watch that. I think Furyk even snuck over for a look.4:35 p.m.SoCal golf pro Brady Riggs said Phil Mickelson committed the cardinal sin at Augusta National on the 12th hole (on Easter Sunday no less)."No. 12 is not a birdie hole," RIggs says. "You always aim to the center of the green there, not at flag locations. Jack Nicklaus said he never once aimed at that flag."4:32 p.m.Two birdies for Tiger and Phil on No. 13.Reader JJ: Phil says, "Hello #12, I'm going to implode now." JJ says "Called it?" 4:31 p.m.Phil and Tiger both reach the green on par 5 13th in two, but are next to each other 30+ feet from the hole.Reader Rob asks, How loud is it for those playing behind Phil and Tiger?Kenny Perry doesn't need to look at a scoreboard to know what's going on in front of him. Augusta regulars can distinguish a Tiger roar from a Phil roar; they're like wine connoisseurs. "Hmmm, sounds like Phil must have gotten up-and-down from par on 14," someone four holes away will say. The real question is, How quiet did it get when Phil hit his tee shot into the water on the par-3 12th?4:24 p.m.Tiger (7-iron) makes par on 12 and Phil (8-under) makes double-bogey after dunking his tee shot.Question of the day: Is Tiger's caddie Stevie Williams going commando under the white jumpsuit. I asked Golf Magazine's Connell Barrett about this since he hung out with Stevie for a story last month.Connell's response: "Stevie's wearing a flesh-colored body suit."4:18 p.m.Angel Cabrera (10-under) shanks his approach on No. 8 and sends his caddie out for a pack of Marlboros.4:15 p.m.Phil lands his tee shot short on No. 12 into Heartbreak Ridge and it rolls back into the water. What, you didn't think he'd make this easy, did you?Meanwhile, Chad Campbell birdies No. 8 and is tied with Perry at 11-under.4:12 p.m.Pars for Tiger and Phil on No. 11. Little Pro Eddie Merrins says Tiger is close but he may not be totally 100 percent. "He's right at the threshold of breaking out and playing as well or better than he ever has before," Merrins says. "Physically his knee problems are behind him but he's made some techincal adjustments with his swing–his left knee and foot–which he's still working out."4:05 p.m.Phil and Tiger are both on the green on No. 11, a.k.a. World's Greatest Par 4, about 25-30 feet from the hole. Reader Brian isn’t crazy about Phil’s "husky" look: World class 'athletes' ought to look at least closer to the part than he does. just think how federer or nadal would be with an extra 15-20-25 pounds. they'd still be otherworldly talented, but not optimized–and wouldn't be doing the sport of tennis any favors either.Just one question, Brian: If Roger Federer or Rafeal Nidal gained 25 pounds, how would anybody know?3:57 p.m.Phil and Tiger enter Amen Corner together on Sunday within sight of the lead.I just like looking at that sentence.3:55 p.m.Kenny Perry has another par on 6 to stay at 11-under. The guy's a stud. Cabrera makes par as well to stay 10-under with Campbell and Phil.Reader Basil asks, Is it true that the beers are cheap?Yup, domestic beers during the Masters are $2.75 and imports are $3.50, or basically what a sip costs at the new Yankee Stadium.3:48 p.m.Anthony Kim enters Amen Corner at 3-over for the day, which means
he's out of this year's Masters. Considering his 11-birdie 65 on
Friday, you have to say it was a good rookie outing here for AK. The
other heralded first-timer, Rory McIroy finished 2-under for the
tournament with a 70 today.
Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Dave Phillips knows Rory from the
Titleist Performance Institute in Oceanside, Calif., and predicts the
19-year-old will be a factor at a major this year."Rory Mclroy has the ability to compete on any tour worldwide but Augusta is perhaps the hardest first time event to win," Dave says. "Even though Rory is a great ball striker it is so important at Augusta to ask the question where do I need to putt from, not how close can I hit it to the hole. If you are not on the correct side of the hole it is very difficult to make a putt. I think you learn where to hit it on the greens by playing this course a lot and understanding the pin positions, that’s why you often see some past champions and seniors that often make the cut and play well. Rory will have his day. I think his best bet will be the British at Turnberry or the PGA."

3:39 p.m.On No. 9 Phil goes from jail behind the trees, to the front-left greenside bunker to just five feet from the hole and makes his par. That's 30 on the front nine. Woods chips on and makes a difficult 10-footer for par. Front-nine 33 for TigerReader JJ writes: Phil is going to implode on the back nine.Anything is possible with Phil, but this has always felt like his tournament to win. (BTW, I picked Phil in the office pool. My 2-5? Woods, Ogilvy, Cink and John Merrick. OK, maybe not the last one.)3:32 p.m.Kenny Perry hits a great putt on No. 4 that just misses and makes his par. Cabrera makes bogey and drops to 10-under. Perry is alone in the lead and that missed putt shows he's playing for keeps.I asked Little Pro Eddie Merrins how Perry can play at this level at age 48."He's a wonderful driver of the ball and he's got confidence," Merrins said. "He knows his golf game. He knows exactly what he can do and he stays within his limits. Wehn he gets on one of his streaks he can win a few tournaments in a row."3:22 p.m.Stick a fork in this! Woods eagles 8 with a long putt and gets to 7-under.  Phil winds in a birdie putt to get to boss Charlie Hanger emails: Phil is really putting on a show, but I’m watching with one hand covering my eyes – so hard not to think a train wreck is around the corner.I’m watching with one hand covering my eyes too, but only because I’m seeing Nick Faldo’s purple tie in high-def.Phil (not Mickelson) asks: Phil seems to be making a move…is the crowd getting behind him?Unfortunately I had to leave Augusta on Saturday but the way Phil and Tiger are playing the place must be going bonkers. I mean, the patrons are probably exhibiting measured enthusiasm as befitting the quality of the golf shots. 3:13 p.m.Rocco Mediate finished with a 78 to go 10-over for the tournament. I followed Rocco on Friday for a few holes and the fans absolutely love him since his co-starring role in the NBC drama Tiger at Torrey. (That couldn’t have really happened, right?) Legendary golf pro Eddie Merris, a.k.a. the Little Pro, knows Rocco from Bel-Air Country Club and says Rocco’s easy-going nature and hard-scrabble western Pa. background make him a natural fan favorite. “That’s his nature,” Merrins says. “He’s very personable, quick-witted and articulate. Fans love a player with personality.”For what it’s worth, Paul Casey (2-under) is your leader in the clubhouse after a 69 today.3:03 p.m.Phil hits an amazing approach on 7 and has a tap-in for birdie and 9-under. (Shhhh. Don't jinx him.) The leaders Cabrera and Perry go par-par on No. 1. Campbell is even through 2. Top 100 Teacher Dave Phillips says Cabrera's U.S. Open win will make today's pressure easier on him than Campbell and Perry. "Their putting and nerves of winning a first major will be tested," Dave says.2:52 p.m.Phil Mickelson birdies No. 6 and gets withing three shots of the lead. Tiger makes par and I’m starting to wonder when we stick a fork in him. Wait, it's SoCal golf pro Brady Riggs on the Masters Live Blog Hotline: "Phil has excellent distance control with the irons!!!"Reader VB asks, Do they pay you to do this?Not anything extra, but I would be doing the same anyway, just drinking Coronas instead of coffee, making stupid jokes with my brother and texting co-workers. The comments make it fun so please keep them coming.2:46 p.m.Reader Chris asks, Speaking of Anthony Kim — is it just me, or does he always say "come on wind" during every shot, good or bad?Haven't caught that, Chris, but I'll keep my ears open. No one says "come on wind" within earshot of CBS Sports' flatulent commentator David Feherty.Both Tiger and Phil have birdie putts upcoming on the par-3 sixth.2:41 p.m.Birdie from Phil at the very difficult fifth hole. He's now 7-under. Tiger makes par and stays at 5-under.2:40 p.m.The co-leaders Kenny Perry and Angel Cabrera (11-under) have teed off and are both in the fairway. Unlike Cabrera's U.S. Open win at Oakmont in 2007, we won't see him smoking cigarettes today. (Cabrera reportedly quit.) Will that affect him? Arnold Palmer never won another major after he quit smoking.Angel_cabrera_smoke He's come a long way, baby.2:30 p.m.Optimistic Woods fan Rob posts, Tiger loves records and breaking them. Didn't someone make 11 birdies in a round this week?That was Anthony Kim on Friday, but as Bruce Springsteen says, "you can't start a fire without a spark," and we're still waiting for Woods to put something together. 2:25 p.m.Woods and Mickelson race birdie putts past the hole on No. 4. Both save par.Just wanted to respond to some of the commentary from Friday's Round 2 live-blog.Cole Eller asked: By the way, does anybody ever refer to Mike as "the Fonz"? Nice picture.No, but I've gotten a couple Potsys.2:15 p.m.Phil makes a birdie putt on No. 3 to get to 6-under, while Tiger makes par. There's something happening here…BTW, I don't get the Phil haters. He comes across as a really decent, fun guy, and he's got otherworldly talent. Critics say he's a phony, but c'mon, he's from Southern California. Over there what we call phony is just being polite.2:10 p.m.Phil's has a birdie putt upcoming on No 3, Tiger's on the green but 20+ feet away, while John Merrick, 3-under through 7, 5-under from the tournament, won't relinquish his hold as most obscure name on the leaderboard.And finally Golf Mag's Brady Riggs names today's favorite…Chad Campbell  -9    “There’s something about a guy with the lead who shoots even par Saturday that I like.” 9 to 2.2:02 p.m.Steve Flesch (6-under) made par on 4, after starting birdie-birdie-birdie.Golf Magazine's Brady Riggs' second pick…Angel Cabrera -11 “His U.S. Open win in 2007 gives him the experience to win this thing.” 3 to 1CBS' TV coverage has started with live birdies from Mickelson (5-under) and Tiger (5-under).Hmmmmm.1:58 p.m.Charter member of the Chad Campbell fan club Mike joins the blog to say, "Those two
boobs tiger and phil have no chance! Thank god we get a new winner
again. Whatever Augusta is doing to the course keep doing it!"
I like what Augusta is doing to the course too–Miguel Angel Jiminez had the best comment about the course on Thursday: "The greens are nice and juicy!" I still want to see Tiger or Phil create some excitement today.Here's Golf Magazine's Brady Riggs on co-leader Kenny Perry, but not his favorite today:Kenny Perry     -11It looked like he had a tough time out there Saturday, and I’m not sure he’s a major winner. I love watching him and his old-school game though.” 6 to 11:48 p.m.Phil and Tiger both make pars on No. 1, Tiger with a good up-and-down after landing his second shot short and right.More Brady Riggs' odds…Jim Furyk  -8“Has to make up three shots and you never get the sense he’s going to go real low. He’ll need people to come back to him.” 5 to 11:44 p.m.Flesch birdies 3, that's birdie-birdie-birdie to start, and he's now 6-under.More Brady Riggs' odds to win MastersShingo Katayama -6
Todd Hamilton -6
Rory Sabbatini  -6
Todd Hamilton -6
Tim Clark -5
12 to 1: “They’re all like picking the field. Nothing jumps out and says ‘This guy can win.’” Steve Stricker -7"Only top-20 player who’s posted a better score each day (72, 70, 68). He’s kind of sneaking up on it. He was hot Saturday, but it will be hard to repeat and he’s never undergone major pressure again. Good dark horse though." 8 to 11:37 p.m.Steve Flesch started birdie-birdie and is now 5-under.Phil and Tiger, playing together a little earlier today than most fans had hoped, are on the course. Might be fun to imagine Phil bet his jet against Tiger's yacht on their head-to-head match today. Here's Brady Riggs' take on Phil's chances:"Like Anthony, Phil is making a ton of birdies. He’s hitting ball well but still making critical mistakes too. He has eagles in him. Phi’s been playing better as the tournament's gone on, so his game is going in the right direction. His two wins here give him a better shot at it than Anthony, but he has to shoot 65."9 to 11:31 p.m.Anthony Kim (now 3-under) bogeyed No. 1. The live blog's golf guru Brady Riggs on Kim, a guy Brady's known since AK was a kid haunting driving ranges in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley."Obviously Anthony has the explosiveness you need here and he’s been putting great. It feels like every time you look up he’s draining another 12-footer. He and Phil probably have best chance to post 65 and get back in the mix. He’s got an outside chance of getting back in the mix."10 to 11:23 p.m.Rocco Mediate just made bogey on the 13th and the people's champion is now 9-over. We checked in with Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Brady Riggs and got some odds for this afternoon’s top guys on the leaderboard and three other guys everyone will be watching. (Reminder: Odds are unofficial and for entertainment purposes only.) Let’s start with (surprise!) Tiger.Tiger Woods -4 (tee time 1:35 p.m.)“He’s not hitting it well. I don’t know how he shot 2-under Saturday. It seemed he was always playing his second shot from pine needles. It looks like his ball striking is getting worse as the tournament goes on. I would love to know what Tiger thinks he needs to win today. Because I guarantee he knows exactly. I bet he thinks he needs a 64 or 65.”12 to 11:15 p.m. Welcome back to's Live Masters Blog, which everybody knows doesn’t really begin until the back nine on Sunday. Since 2003 champ and early starter Mike Weir (6-over) has just passed No. 13, let’s get started. The headline from Saturday: Kenny Perry co-leader of Masters at age 48, or as we like to say at Tiger Woods just seven shots back.So Kenny Perry (11-under) versus Angel Cabrera (11-under) with Chad Campbell (9-under) right there. Call it the Battle of the Bulges. It’s nice to see some real men who aren’t afraid to carry a couple extra pounds on their frame. Can you imagine John Wayne doing yoga? Downward dog? That’ll be the day.

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