What would Tiger Woods’s drink be?

At his press conference Tuesday at Bay Hill, Padraig Harrington said "nobody has taken golf to the level" like Arnold Palmer has, not even Tiger Woods. His evidence? A certain mixture of iced tea and lemonade. Harrington described a recent trip to an Italian restaurant in Florida.
"A guy came up to the bar, and he
ordered an Arnold Palmer, and the barman knew what that drink was. Now that’s getting to another level. Think about it, you don’t go
up there and order a Tiger Woods at the bar. …When the guy
ordered it, I thought, maybe you could do it in a golf club, but he’s
ordered it in a random bar, and the guy, who probably wouldn’t know one
end of a club from the other, knew what it was."
Sure, Tiger has his own Gatorade, but you can’t order that at too many bars. So this begs the question: If there were a Tiger Woods drink, what would be in it? Sergio’s tears? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below.